8 thoughts on “Let’s Lighten It Up

  1. Your f#$%was isn’t eligible for the stimulus payments correct? I heard a rumor that people who are behind in child support won’t be rec’ing them. I’m unsure if they’d be going to the other parent or just not getting them at all. But I think it’s a moot point for you because of his salary, when he’s working, is higher than the cutoff point.


    1. Yeah, he makes too much. Even if she would perhaps qualify once you put their income together it’s too much. I don’t actually know what he makes anymore but I’m sure it’s got to be more.


    1. As Belle said below it’s really a moot point as he makes too much to receive anything. I suppose there’s a possibility that if they filed together their stimulus check would be issued jointly as well. She might still be eligible but I don’t know if they would send that to me since it would essentially be her check. It would be kinda funny if they did though. I think the limit for a couple is still $150,000. I’m almost certain they’re over that.


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