I had a horrible thought! The stimulus checks are based upon your adjusted gross income. I completely forgot that Jerry Lee gets to deduct all of his spousal support paid to me. If he hasn’t filed his 2019 tax refund it’s possible his income would be under the $75,000 threshold. Fuck! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!

In 2018 he worked the entire year at his $100,000 a year job. Not only did he pay full spousal support all year (hooray him!) he also paid me another $16,000 in back support, which is why I got totally screwed taxes last year. Even if his income was a little above the $100,000 mark he would definitely be below the $75,000 threshold. Harley might be a little bit above it, but between the two of them I think they would be under the $150,000 threshold to get the full amount, and they will definitely be under the $198,000. Plus, she will get credit for at least one kid.

So that sucks. Despite the county enforcement agency having my case for over a year I don’t think there’s anything official on the books. Which means no stimulus check is going to be diverted to my bank account. I also know that Jerry Lee is too fucking stupid to put any of it aside for when court plays out. And, he’s not going to try to catch up on anything either. So looks like those two jackasses will get to play with approximately $2900 while I continue to wait for my day in court.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed that their 2019 taxes were already filed so everything was based off of that! He might still get some but it won’t be the full amount. I don’t know why but that makes me feel better.

4 thoughts on “Ug!

    1. I don’t want to give the impression that he hasn’t paid anything. I’ve been there before. I’ve lived through him not sending a single dime his kids’ way for almost an entire year, and then spent another 6-8 months with him sending whatever he felt like. Comparatively speaking, he’s doing well now. He’s not paying what he should be paying in child support because he never got it modified, but honestly, I’ve done the numbers and he will probably only owe me another $200, if that, per month. He’s $19,000 behind because he was too obstinate to get it modified and insisted that it was my job to do so if I wanted more money. We shall see. Up until about a month ago he wasn’t paying the full amount of spousal support either so I guess there is that. He would argue he’s completely supporting me but he’s a delusional liar. He’s not paying what he should but he pays a lot more than some do. Still… he makes a lot of unilateral decisions and he seems to think that court orders are suggestions.


    1. I don’t worry that they’ll take anything of mine. I was just sure he wouldn’t qualify for a check but after thinking about it I realized he might. 2018 was the last time he paid full support and throughout that year he was supposedly making only $100,000. He gets to deduct spousal support which takes his income level down to $67,000. I’m sure they filed jointly because that’s also the year they got married. At the time she had at least 2 kids living with her, maybe 3. So, if he didn’t file his 2019 taxes he probably got a check. She might make over $75,000 but I’m pretty sure married couples got their check based on their combined income and between his big deduction and her 2, possibly 3, kids, they wouldn’t reach the $198,000 threshold. Had the great state of Indiana actually made anything official there is a chance I could take their check for the back support he owes. That would have been anywhere between $2900 and $3400, which would have been nice. I know they’ve blown through that money if they got it; there is less than a zero percent chance he’s thought, “Geez, I should probably put that aside because I owe Sam a lot of money.” And yes, I understand that it’s not really their (Indiana’s) fault. They couldn’t help the fact that I got divorced in one state, saw my then husband move to another and then myself move to a third state. They also can’t help the fact that he continues to move around. It’s just frustrating. I always hear about people collecting tax refunds and having all these horrible things happen to those who are in arrears, but nothing seems to happen to him.


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