I’m Probably Going To Eat a Cheeseburger Tomorrow

Guess who took back the top spot on the weight loss leaderboard? Yep, this girl. So why am I going to probably eat a cheeseburger tomorrow?

I don’t weigh myself every day. I’ve heard it’s not a good idea because your weight can fluctuate so much depending upon what you’ve eaten and how much water you’re retaining. So, I don’t do it every day but I do check in occasionally during the week because I don’t want to get to the end of the week and think, “I’ve been so good! I bet I’ve lost another 4-5 pounds. Or at least 3,” and then get on the scale and see I haven’t even lost 2 pounds.

As of this morning I was down one full pound since my last weigh in. One pound. That is unacceptable. I’m eating low carb. I’m running 4.5 miles three times a week. I’m denying myself delicious treats. I went back and checked and even though I’m allowing myself 30 net carbs a day the last time I was even close to consuming that many was the 9th of April. The rest of the time I’ve been below 20! I’m eating things like a half a cup of cottage cheese and a hard boiled egg, or two pieces of deli meat and 2 pieces of string cheese for lunch. If I’m really lucky I take along some sugar free Jell-O. Today I was really really lucky and took the rest of the London broil we had the night before.

My mom asked me last Sunday if I wanted to get take out from one of our favorite Chinese restaurants. Do I want to? Oh hell yes! I’ll take some shrimp lo mein and the beef and mushrooms and maybe some shrimp fried rice and shrimp toast. I’m sensing a shrimp theme…

Instead I looked at the menu and anything that sounded good was out for me. Everything was in a brown sauce and I couldn’t verify the carb count so I passed.

I’d love to have some chips and salsa. Love it!

We have a cafe across the street from the bank. I go there occasionally to get a regular cup of coffee. Normally I would have their kafe wein, which is a mixture of their coffee and their hot chocolate. Their hot chocolate, by the way, tastes like a melted candy bar. It’s actually too sweet for me but I love the mix! In addition to the decadent hot chocolate they have many different candies, and the most delicious looking muffins in the case up by the register.

I have been sticking to this like a champ. I even write myself little notes of encouragement to keep my spirits up.

I was so upset when I weighed myself on Wednesday and discovered I had only lost a half a pound. I didn’t want to run. I did it anyway. I shortened it though. I ran 3 miles/40 minutes. And I ran another 3 miles/40 minutes tonight.

Honestly I’ve wondered if combining long runs and low carb is a good thing. I thought I would try mixing it up a little bit and maybe do more shorter runs instead of focusing solely on longer runs.

I’m also wondering if maybe I’m not eating enough, which is pretty funny because I’m the queen of being a bitch when I’m hungry. I honestly am not hungry that often and when I am hungry I eat. I’ve discovered some really delicious Atkins bars. They’re expensive but I don’t rely on them all the time so it works. I also have a stash of almonds at work. I dutifully count out my 24 and by the time I’ve eaten the 24th one my hunger is gone.

This morning when I weighed in I had lost one full pound. Who knows what the scale will say tomorrow? I can tell you this, though. If it turns out I’ve only lost one pound after denying myself all week and running 15 miles so far since Saturday I’m going to order myself a goddamn cheeseburger from a local restaurant downtown! I’ll take fries with that, too!

I figure I’m a winner either way. I either lose 2-3 pounds and hopefully finally hit my first major goal, or I get to eat a cheeseburger. I’m good with either one at this point.

4 thoughts on “I’m Probably Going To Eat a Cheeseburger Tomorrow

  1. You may be right that you’re not eating enough. You need extra calories for all those miles. Cheeseburger might just be the thing! Expect your stomach to be very unhappy about it, though.


  2. It sounds like lunch is definitely a bit lean- the point of low carb is to get your body using the fat stored but if your calorie count is too low your body will slow down your burn rates you could have those deli meat slices – maybe add another 2… and cheese- but on a bed of lettuce? Or with some celery too. I am glad you got over the hunger jump- that’s definitely what low carb helps with- the sugar Jones in carbs definitely leads to hunger spikes and crashes. But allow yourself low glycemic veggies 🥬 too- broccoli 🥦 and lettuce and celery and bok Choy are your friends!!!!


  3. Oh- and one of my favourite things to eat- because I am gluten free I can’t have most normal buns anyways- is a big fat juicy cheeseburger with all the fixings- but put it between piles of large leaves of butter or iceberg lettuce- build a bun out of lettuce. The bread is just the delivery system, so replace it with lettuce and have yourself the delicious very low carb version. You can do it a few times a week this way- as long as you’re staying in the low carb side of things the calorie count is less important, it’s the ratio of fat and protein to sugars that keeps you not hungry and burning current fat not building new fat


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