I Did Not Eat a Cheeseburger

I know you are all waiting with bated breath. Did Sam eat the cheeseburger? Did she drown her frustrations in red meat and carbohydrates?

As you can tell from the title (I really need to work on burying the lead!) I did not eat a cheeseburger. I had a half a cup of cottage cheese and a hard boiled egg, plus a triple chocolate Atkins bar.

I weighed in this morning to find out I had lost 2.8 pounds! AND, even better I finally reached my first really big goal! Plus, I reached the 2nd milestone in the weight loss challenge.

I’ve been feeling good pretty much all day. I told the mobster at lunch I wasn’t going to take this victory away from myself. It would be so easy to tell myself, “You still have so far to go,” but I’m pushing those thoughts away today. I had a major milestone I wanted to reach and I did it. I don’t care if that milestone doesn’t mean I’m wearing a size 2 pair of jeans. I’ll be honest with you. Even at my thinnest I didn’t wear a size 2. I’m not size 2 material. I’ve got hips, I’ve got boobs, and as my great grandmother would say, “Ooh, you’re solid!”

I’m finally fitting into jeans that were getting too tight on me. I haven’t worked up the courage to try on the ones I bought at the end of 2017, many of which were a tad too tight anyway. I bought them thinking I would lose 5-10 pounds.

The most recent work clothes I bought when I finally accepted the fact that all of my others were too small for me are now loose on me. Again, haven’t worked up the courage to try on the newer stuff I bought a year or so ago, and definitely haven’t tried on any of the original work clothes. Hopefully by this fall I’ll be wearing them once again.

Tomorrow I run. I’ve been really tired on these shorter 3 mile runs. Maybe it’s because I know I’m only running 3 miles. I’m hoping to make tomorrow a longer run (4.5 miles) and I’m considering doing a short 30 minutes on Sunday.

The cheeseburger is going to have to wait.

5 thoughts on “I Did Not Eat a Cheeseburger

  1. It’s good to follow through.
    I have completely reverted to comfort food and soft clothes. I thing the indefinite end to this home isolation keeps me unmotivated.

    I did go for a walk yesterday and it felt really good. I think moving more will be my goal this week!

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  2. I am so excited for you! I see such a change in how your attitude toward this is from when you started the couch to five k and then to now. Your commitment is paying off, and I think you will discover more foods you will love which meet the high protein fix you need. One thing I have made once a week was a noodleless lasagna- I would make ground beef sauce, shred cheese and latter it between tons and tons of spinach and kale- I guess you could use zucchini slices too- and bake it like a normal lasagna but for way less time since the cheese just needs to melt and the spinach/kale heats/cooks down. You could do a lean one with ground turkey or half and half of each too- and it is delicious and satisfying, and good for lunches too. It will keep you on course and be delicious!!! As for chips and salsa- i don’t have a way to replace the chips. But… you could use lettuce wraps to have tacos. All the fillings – because they are basically proteins anyways, or veggies. Yes, you will need to use less tomato salsa- but the cheese and meat and lettuce and taco flavour can be there for you!!!


    1. Thanks. I had heard of using zucchini slices and even low carb tortillas for the lasagna, but I hadn’t heard of using spinach and kale. I’m not sure about the kale but I do like spinach.

      I just eat a taco salad. It’s so much easier. I had a cheeseburger today and asked for additional lettuce. It was a disaster. The lettuce leaves were not great. The cheeseburger itself was fantastic. I should have just eaten it with a fork. The leaves weren’t big enough and I burned my fingers. It was a whole big thing but I powered through.

      I may bitch and whine a lot but like the meme a few weeks ago says, I’ll do it.

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