What Is It With This Post?

Jesus Christ on crutches! What is it with this post? I have had three people now have a bone to pick with me over this.

If you haven’t read this post I’ll give you a real quick Cliff Notes version. If you choose to stay with your spouse but you’re still pining after your affair partner get the fuck out! Go to that person and stop wasting your spouse’s life.

How does this get so many contentious responses? I am begging the cheater to go be with the other person. You would think they would be happy about this. But no! They react as though I’ve suggested branding them with a scarlet A or placing them in the stockades and letting people throw rotten eggs at them. 

One person suggested I sounded like a very bitter person who surrounded herself with a lot of cats. First of all, I don’t have any cats. My daughter does. I love my grand cats very much. They are delightful. Do not diss Poppy or Maverick. Second of all, I’m more of a dog person. Between the mobster and myself we’ve got four. Third of all, what kind of an insult is that anyway? Yeah, you must like cats! Oh burn!

The next two want to get all philosophical with me. Kate let me know she found this very “therapeutic” and that she, too, used to feel that way about “the other woman.” I’m guessing that stopped when she began an affair of her own. Funny how you’re okay with it when you’re the one doing it. She wanted me to know that I didn’t really know the other woman was a whore and that even though I “knew” I had squeezed every last bit of information about the affair from my cheater he was probably still unlikely to be honest about whether or not he missed the affair or affair partner. She then goes on to tell me she realizes I believe he’s one in a million and different from most men.

Did she read my blog before commenting? I do not think Jerry Lee is one in a million or that he’s different. I think he’s an entitled ass. I told her as much, too.

Finally, she chastises me for calling the other woman a whore, letting me know it sounds silly and people will get nothing out of my posts. I told her if she had no problem with some woman riding my husband’s dick then she could get off my ass for calling that woman a whore.

Oh, I forgot this gem: Trust me, one day you’ll be a lot less critical of people and happiness will follow.

Yes, I’m sure embracing whores will make me giddy. I suppose not having a moral compass can be freeing for some.

Then, just a day or so ago I get another comment taking me to task. This one, calling herself sorrynotsorry, let me know how wrong I was about the other women and this idea that the affair is not real life.

“It is real life!” she insists. I have no idea how many women are out there, doing their cheating lover’s laundry, making his meals, taking whatever leftover scraps of his time he’s willing to offer. Of course, in her situation it was the wife who was the secret; everyone knew them as a couple. So there! I’m wrong, wrong, wrong!

It happens. It’s rare, but it happens. Sure, some people get played. If it came as such a shock that her beloved was married after spending all of these nights, holidays and weekends with her, then I’d say he’s one hell of a liar. Probably a sociopath as well. Great catch there! She’s so busy patting herself on the back because this man uses his wife’s home as a boarding house and treats her with disrespect, that she doesn’t realize he’s no prize.

Once again, my favorite parts are where she’s calling me pathetic. I’m pathetic because I’m trying to fool myself into thinking the affair is meaningless. And pointing the finger at the other woman is also pathetic and desperate. Can’t forget desperate. Oh yes, I will probably never measure up to the so called whore and that’s why he’s stayed with her for so many years. He only stays with me because of the children and finances. Also, I’m bitter and hurt because the man I love has chosen to love someone else.

OK, first, does anyone actually read my blog before they comment or do they see the word “whore” and lose their shit? He’s not staying with me for the kids and financial reasons. I’m not with him; I left his cheating ass. He has abandoned his children for his gold digging, jailbird cousin. Yes, she is a whore. No, I don’t worry about measuring up to her; there is no comparison. No, I don’t want him back. I’m not bitter or hurt; my new guy is so much more amazing than Jerry Lee could ever hope to be.

Can you imagine the vitriol I would get if I was actually slamming them? I’m encouraging them to leave their spouses in order to be with the affair partner and they lose their freaking minds! Don’t call me a whore! How dare you say our affair isn’t real life? Who cares if it’s real or not? I’m doing you a freaking favor. I’m on your side, if you will.

I mean, sure, I don’t think it’s going to be all sunshine and roses for the happy couple. One of them is a person who cheats on their spouse, and the other is a person who has no problem with fucking someone else’s spouse. They’re both liars and people with no moral compass. Nonetheless, give it a go. Grab the bull by the horns. You only live once. Stop wasting a good person’s life while you fuck around on the side.

Sorry, haters, the advice remains the same. Shit or get off the pot. If you miss your affair partner so much then leave your spouse and go be with that person. Stop being a cake eating pussy. If this advice hurts your feelings? Well then, bless your heart.

5 thoughts on “What Is It With This Post?

  1. You’re absolutely right. If they’ve found “twu wuv” then for god’s sake fuck off and be with it. I can’t see what’s so awful about that (except maybe giving the chump the freedom to get on with their life but we can never have that can we)!

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  2. Gee even the psychologists state an affair is not real life. You just keep on keeping on and don’t bother with the insecure jealous immoral whores who cannot fathom what they are actually going about doing to others in life because of their short-sightedness.

    I agree at least have the courage to leave your spouse that you are cheating on instead of screwing with their minds and continuing to lie to them. Cheaters are pathetic.

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  3. I had to comment on the latest commenter.
    She’s completely delusional.
    People love to create their own world view out of denial.

    The reality is CHEATERS SUCK. They are missing morality, empathy or just plain honesty…their wants trump responsibilities and obligations. And if they have kids they are just plain assholes.

    Divorce is easy. Cheating is unnecessary. End of discussion.


  4. Well, when a woman gets up, goes to work, has sex at work, then collects a pay check, she’s a whore. When she’s also married with kids, she’s a lying whore. One thing my wh blurted out about the mow early on, which he clearly viewed as an asset was “she believes everything I say and does whatever I say. Like a dog.” He said this as a compliment during a fight after dday. Basically, she was of use to him and easily manipulated. He regretted it as soon as he said it, a little too much truth seeped out. “I give her professional cache. She’s more relevant in the industry because of me.” My jaw was on the ground. She was no ingenue, she was a 50 yr old sofa cushion who had slept her way to the middle. It was about how he felt about himself – she used him for potential long term financial gain, he thought, “she treats me like the successful tycoon I want to be.” Ack. All transactional. He thought he was using her, but she used him too – which is what paid whores do: I’ll make you feel special and you will pay me because you now feel powerful. All of this was in their minds only – they fucked so much up, and caused such pain, and she lost her job. He said it was like getting wasted, dancing on the bar acting like (and being treated as) the life of the party, and waking up the next day completely mortified. All loss, no gain. Remember that conning someone is easy – convincing someone they’ve been conned is impossible. Those are the women who are pissed about what you wrote. They can’t look in the mirror, they blame everyone else. History is littered with “powerful” men who lost everything for a blow job or one night stand.


  5. If someone really loves their cheating life so much, loves them relationship she has with her cheater who is driving around doing errands and chores with her….why is she looking up betrayed spouse blogs?


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