Here’s What I’m Willing To Do For You!

I have court in a little less than 2 weeks. Supposedly Jerry Lee and his new lawyer were going to write up an offer. I haven’t seen one yet. I did get an email from my attorney today, though.

Apparently in reviewing his client’s file he “realized” that Jerry Lee was due a reduction in child support because Picasso had turned 18. Jerry Lee is generously willing to continue paying what he’s already paying and apply that to the balance owed. That’s his amazing offer so far.

Never mind the fact that yes, his son did turn 18 yesterday, but he just finished his junior year of high school. Never mind the fact that he won’t begin his senior year until next month. Never mind the fact that he doesn’t graduate until June of 2021. He’s 18 now so he’s on his own as far as Daddy is concerned. Oh, and never mind the fact that a quick Google search clearly spells out that child support stops at age 18 UNLESS the 18 year old is a full time student.

His big offer is he’ll stop paying legitimate court ordered child support on his son who has not yet graduated from high school in order to make up for the two years where he self-modified child support the moment his daughter graduated. It’s a two-for, if you think about it.

One, he gets out of child support actually being modified and reflecting what he should be paying for his son. Two, he gets to forego actually supporting his son and instead get a head start on those arrears he built up by being a stubborn, know-it-all ass.

Yeah, no. That’s not going to happen. I emailed my attorney back and informed her that Picasso was not due to graduate until next June. I’m not taking some half-baked offer to make his life easier. That man knows his son did not graduate, and he knows it’s not because he flunked his senior year. He is perfectly aware of the fact that we delayed sending him to school for an additional year. I cannot believe how stupid he is sometimes.

No, I can. He’s “conveniently” stupid. He doesn’t bother to research the law when it might not benefit him. He’ll just play dumb instead and see if I’m as dumb as he’s hoping I might be.

I am a little nervous about court. You never know how it will play out. I feel like I have the law on my side. Jerry Lee has not done the right thing at any point in this. But you never know. Cross your fingers for me, say a prayer, put it out into the universe, light a candle, meditate, do whatever you do to bring peace and luck to someone. Please and thank you!

5 thoughts on “Here’s What I’m Willing To Do For You!

  1. Oh wow. He’s like trump! ‘We love science. Look how much we science. People should just drink their pool water and it’ll clean their blood.’ …. I actually really really hope your lawyer has all this stuff lined up simple for the judge who looks and reads and thinks ‘this asshole is literally going ass over teakettle to try to circumvent the law, which is just trying to provide what is reasonable for his own children’ …. and just throw the fucking book at him.

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    1. Read on. We may not be going to court. We may reach a deal. As I said to 2bshameless, there’a a part of me that would really love to go just to see what the judge would do. But there’s always that off chance that things wouldn’t go my way. If I can get my money and put the fear of God into him that may be what I’m willing to settle for.


  2. Love the comment above 😂😂😂

    I’m going to cross every part of my body possible hoping this mf finally gets served in court – I really really really don’t understand why the court keeps letting him get away with ignoring especially when he can afford it; them usually that pisses them off. I wish you had a lawyer who was offended by him and hired a forensic acct and private detective so the court could see how he has deprived his own children while rewarding himself and his new fake family


    1. Forensic accountants are expensive and unfortunately now that we’re divorced it doesn’t matter what he spends on. Or more importantly, even if he had it at one point, he’s spent it and there’s no getting it back. I think my lawyer is more the practical sort. We can ask for the moon and the stars but let’s focus instead of what we might actually be able to get. I don’t know if that’s always the best approach. There is a part of me that would love to see him answer questions in front of our judge. I don’t think he wants to go there so that alone would be a victory. But what I really want is the damn money owed to me!


      1. I left off the part where I meant you also had the funds to hire these people lol and yes what’s most important is you getting what you’re owed but I wish you were getting what he really should have and should be paying!!!


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