Guess Who Won the Weight Loss Challenge?

If you guessed ME you would be correct! I got the news today. I didn’t lose as much as I wanted. That weekend camping with the mobster and the kids really took a toll.

By Monday I had gained almost 5 pounds back. Wednesday I was down to only a weight gain of a little more than a pound. Then something went terribly wrong and the scales kept inching upwards. I don’t know why. I wasn’t cheating. And I ran four out of five mornings that week. Still, I was up by 2.2 pounds from my last weigh in.

I was so pissed! It’s the first time I’ve gained at a weigh in during the competition. Of course it had to happen at the last one.

Somehow though I held on for the win! The person who was right on my heels and we had switched first and second place several times in the beginning, ended up coming in third. She didn’t lose much if anything these last two weeks. One of the guys who was probably almost 5% behind her ended up making a surprisingly strong finish. For my efforts I am now $244.79 richer.

Despite being disappointed about the weight gain I’m still down almost 40 pounds. It fluctuates somewhere between 38 and 39+ pounds. I know that alone is a great achievement. Even without winning that would have been a win. I’m not stopping though. I’m nowhere close to where I want to be.  I’ve definitely been using this week to slow down, though!

We were supposed to go out for sushi for Picasso’s birthday on Friday. Those plans were interrupted and we ended up ordering in Chinese food. Definitely not on my list of low carb foods. Because I ordered plenty of it I had leftovers on Saturday. And Sunday. Plus, I had a couple of scotcheroos. They were delicious.

I have not been able to force my lazy ass out of bed before work so far this week, which means it is now Tuesday and I have not ran since Friday. I need to get up! But I want to sleep in!

I’m not sweating it. I’m beginning my next three months of weight loss. I’m eager to see where I am at the end of it. I know the results won’t be as stellar as they were for the first four months. Obviously I have less time this go round (3 versus 4 months), and any kind of weight loss seems to take off in the beginning and then slow down as your body adjusts. I lost almost 40 over four months; I think I would be okay with 20 over the next three.

Summer birthdays are over in my household. I’ve got another five days planned with the mobster. Hopefully I’ll be good. There’s no Blueberry Festival to gorge at over Labor Day weekend this year. Virtual races are where it’s at! Let’s get this party started!

4 thoughts on “Guess Who Won the Weight Loss Challenge?

  1. You’re the champ! I hope this feels really good – congrats! We are the same age – what did you find worked best for you for weight loss? 40 pounds is a huge accomplishment!!


    1. Sadly, it all came down to food for me. I started low carb right around the beginning of March and that’s when I began losing. I wasn’t running as many miles back then as I do now (not that I run a great many- maybe 9 or 10 a week) but I still don’t think running has much to do with it. All of the articles I’ve read also seem to point out that exercise is great for maintaining weight loss, but it doesn’t do much to actually help you lose.

      For me I try to keep my net carbs to 30 or less per day. I’ve also cut way back on the diet Coke (like less than one a week most weeks) and replaced it with water (sometimes flavored with Crystal Light). I don’t know if that’s helped at all or not. Another thing I’ve read that helps with the weight loss, although I haven’t been good at doing, is getting eight hours of sleep a night. Someone else commented back when I first started that she is doing intermittent fasting and that’s helped her.

      I really believe that whatever you can live with in the long term is what will help you lose and keep it off. If counting calories is your thing, do that. If low carb is your thing, do that. If low fat is what you prefer, do that. Intermittent fasting? Do that.


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