Welcome To the Tenth Circle Of Hell

It’s OCTOBER, everyone! October! It feels like this year is both flying by and like it will never end. Every month seems to go on forever and yet each month I find myself saying, “I can’t believe we’re into insert month already!”

I love this time of year. It’s finally getting a little cooler around these parts. I made a low carb taco soup on Sunday. It was delicious. We had leftovers for Monday lunch but only enough for all three of us to have a single bowl each.

I am doing a lot better with all of the fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving decorations. I’m usually very triggered by them. It reminds me of my old life, although a life I only led for roughly two years. Like I’ve always said, I didn’t decorate a whole lot until we moved to Virginia. I didn’t have a lot to do there so I threw myself into holiday decorations. Found I really liked it. Then had to sell off everything. But this year I’m handling it much better. Finally. Only took five years. Hooray!

My daughter just came back for a visit for the first time since she left to return to school at the beginning of August. We got pedicures and ate out at our favorite Mexican restaurant. I ate way too many tortilla chips.

My son is still working at the grocery store. He is getting a lot of compliments for his work ethic. Makes a mother proud. 

I think my favorite part of his job is talking to him after bringing him home. He’s quite chatty most of the time. I always learn lots of interesting things from him during these chats.

We went to go visit my dad a few weeks ago. At some point that day he told me he decided he would like to change his last name to mine. After spending the day with my brother and nephew he realized he relates more to them than to anyone on his father’s side of the family and he identifies more as an Awesome than as an Asshat. So we’re going to start that process in the hopes that he’ll be changed over before graduation so he graduates as Picasso Awesome.

Neither one of us has mentioned it to Rock Star. I’m not sure how she’s going to feel being the only Asshat left in the family but I also don’t think she has any desire to change her last name. Honestly, she will probably get married one day and more than likely she will change her last name to match her husband’s. Why bother with changing it now when she’ll more than likely change it again in the next few years?

Little less than three months until we can usher out 2020 and timidly hope that 2021 promises better days ahead. It probably won’t but we can always hope. My county has been under a mask mandate since mid to late May and it’s staying in place at least until the end of this year. I don’t know why the county health commissioner doesn’t cut through the bullshit and just tell everyone he’s ordering us to wear masks for the rest of our lives. At least that way if we ever get to go out into public again without a fucking mask on it’ll be a great surprise, one that we weren’t expecting, instead of ticking off the days on the calendar until we can go without one only to be told, “Oops! Just kidding. Let’s extend it another three months.”

How are those holidays looking? My kids are too old to go trick-or-treating and we live on a very busy road that gets no trick-or-treaters so Halloween is pretty much a bust for me. I was never real big on it anyway but it seems to especially suck this year with so many debating if the kids should even be allowed to go out this year.

I’m hoping we are able to have a fairly normal Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s hard to tell though. Since this was the first time Rock Star had been home since August I had a family dinner. My brother and nephew were the only ones that were able to come. My brother has attempted to kill us all. He called us Sunday after we had picked up my nephew to walk around the park, letting us know his co-worker had tested positive for Covid-19 so we need to bring the nephew back. Now my mom, Picasso, and I are all in quarantine at the house. I’m working from home which is not my favorite thing to do. I let Rock Star and her roommate know that they should self-quarantine. We’re still waiting on my brother’s test results. That was with only half of the family. I’m willing to give it another go come Thanksgiving but I’m not sure how everyone else is going to feel. I can tell you this much though. I am not doing a fucking Zoom Thanksgiving. 

My daughter has informed me she’s going to Florida with her boyfriend and his family over Christmas. She’s not sure when. Only knows it’s not over the actual holiday because she knows her mother would kill her if she wasn’t home for Christmas. She also knows Santa would not visit. Not even a stocking filled. I’ve been very clear over the years. As long as you’re here with me on Christmas morning Santa will visit you. If you’re off somewhere else you are on your own!

The mobster is beginning the process of selling his business. He needs to find a buyer. He’s had several people interested. The first one fell through. He’s called the second one and hasn’t heard back from him, so now it’s onto the third option. He’s had several other people inquire as well so hopefully he will get it sold when he wants to. I’m crossing my fingers for him.

I was finally able to go back to my regular office after 5 months at our downtown location. I’m glad I’m back but it’s not the same. My direct supervisor retired in June and the other supervisor gave her 2 weeks notice the very day I went back. I’m not at my desk; I’m clear on the other side of the room. We still have 3 people working from home and another 5 still downtown. Still no ice machine. No place to sit in the break room. No salad bar at the grocery store. It’s a put your head down and get through it kind of atmosphere right now.

I’m still running. I’ve had a few moments where I didn’t run for a week but that’s only happened two or three times since I’ve begun. I signed up for a 100 mile challenge a few months ago. It ran from July 1st through September 30th. I originally was only going to log running miles but then decided to count deliberate walking miles as well. After I reached 100 miles I decided to go ahead and run the entire 100 miles so i added on another 14 point something miles to my log. It went well enough that I decided to sign up for another 100 mile challenge which began October 1st and goes through December 31st. I’ve only got 6 miles in so far but I’m not worried.

That’s all I have for you today. I know. It’s pretty lame. I’m pretty unmotivated these days. I think it’s a 2020 thing.

4 thoughts on “Welcome To the Tenth Circle Of Hell

  1. My daughter wants me and her to come up with our own last name.
    I currently plan to stay my Married name.Simpson is easy and I like it.
    My son is good Simpson even if he never speaks to his dad.

    I don’t want the hassle included in name changes while the kids are minors.

    I just think leaving it all as is seems simplest.



    1. Yeah, I went ahead and changed back to my maiden name when I divorced. I lived life as a C until I met him. Then I slid down the alphabet to H. I like being a C. Neither of the kids were bothered by me going back to it and neither wanted to change their name- until now.

      It shouldn’t be too bad for him. He doesn’t have a license yet and he hasn’t graduated so the only thing he will need to change is his name with Social Security.

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