Election Day

I hate this new WordPress. I thought I hit “publish” last night. Obviously I didn’t. It’s a two step process now and I’m always forgetting the second part. Here is the post I thought I posted yesterday. Doesn’t really mean as much because now it’s the day after, but I don’t want to throw it out and I’m not going to sit on this post for another four years.

It’s Election Day here in the States. Well, perhaps I should say it *was* Election Day; all the polls are closed and the results should be coming in.

Election Day always makes me think of my Mamaw. As long as I can remember she worked the polls every election day. All day long. I don’t know how involved she was with politics but I do know the former governor knew her by name. Not sure how that happened but it did.

For years I believed I would do the same and work the polls on Election Day. But first I was working. Then I had kids. It’s hard to work a polling site when you have two little kids and a husband who would never in a million years take a day off of work to watch them while I volunteered my time. As the kids got older they were busy with sports and again, their dad was not a big help when it came to running them around. Now would be a perfect time to volunteer what with Rock Star in college and Picasso is finishing up his senior year in quarantine. But alas, I have a job now.

Perhaps next time around I’ll take a vacation day and use it to volunteer at the polls. Actually, maybe I’ll plan on taking 2 days- one on election day and the one the following day! It would be a lovely way to honor her memory.

In the meantime I’m going to leave this note to myself here so that in the coming years I can read this and heed my words of wisdom.

Dear Sam,

Whatever you do do not go vote in the morning. I know it sounds like a good idea but it’s not. I don’t know if it’s because everyone who works 8-5 is up early and trying to vote before work, or if all the 3rd shift workers are already standing in line, or if it’s simply all the early birds who have already been up since 5 am and have nothing better to do, but it is a madhouse out there! The lines are insane.

Go at lunch instead. Remember how you went to a completely different high school on the west side and there was no line. You walked right in, showed your ID, and were directed to the gym. All total it took you about 10 minutes from the time you parked until the time you walked out the doors. They even had water and snacks! It was a much better experience for you than the lines that were clear out of the building and snaking back to and around the tennis courts.

Or, judging by what you saw as you passed several schools on your way home, vote *after* work. No lines at either of the schools that had long, long lines in the morning.

Remember this in four years: No morning voting! Afternoon or early evening voting only! Although if I do volunteer at the polls next election year it won’t matter…

One thought on “Election Day

  1. Such a coincidence! I’m retiring at the end of the year and thought it would be great to be a poll worker for all these elections. just have to remember to do it in 2 years or 4 years or whenever the next circus comes to town!

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