A Follow Up To My Last Post

I thought it might be helpful to give Dave a few tips instead of simply criticizing the way he handles Alvin.

Might I suggest snapping his fingers?  I have had good luck with this when dealing with my own children when they were younger. It gets their attention and I don’t have to yell.

<snap> <snap>  Alvin. Over here.

Some might argue that the snapping is dehumanizing. Alvin is a chipmunk. If my kids didn’t mind the snapping I don’t think the chipmunk will either.

Also, sometimes clapping can have the same affect. It’s loud. It gets their attention. But it avoids the yelling.

Another trick would be to speak very softly so that Alvin has to pay attention in order to hear what you’re saying.

My kids always knew this meant shit was going to go down. Oh crap, we can’t hear what Mom is saying. This is never a good sign.

On a more positive note perhaps he could use treats. It is a chipmunk after all. My dogs are highly motivated by treats. I don’t know what Alvin would like. Maybe a peanut. A piece of fruit. He’s tiny so you wouldn’t need much.

I once got 8 kids to sit still for a professional photo one Christmas by bribing them with ice cream. They ranged in age from 9 to 4 months. It went off without a hitch. It’s amazing what ice cream can do. So try that, Dave, instead of yelling at him.

These are just a few suggestions. I didn’t want to criticize without offering some possible suggestions. You’re welcome, Dave.

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