A Question To Ponder

Editor’s Note: Obviously this was written a few days before Christmas, but the question still stands.

I know it’s all things Christmas right now, but I had this question pop into my head and it’s really been bugging me.

If Michael Myers supposedly has super human strength and is practically immortal then why doesn’t he just break out of the mental institution? Why does he always need to wait until he’s being transported on a dark Halloween night? Why can’t he just take out a few guards and walk right out to freedom any damn time he chooses? He doesn’t need to wait until a bus crashes or he’s able to steal a car.

I thought maybe it came down to being medicated but that doesn’t really work for me either. If they know they need to medicate him why wouldn’t they be sure to medicate him when they know he’s going outside the institution’s walls? That’s basic common sense right there, although I will concede it doesn’t make for a very long movie.

I’m going to get back to all things Christmas. I’ve got a quartet of Christmas in Evergreen movies to watch and I’m going to occupy myself with those. In the meantime, if any of you have an answer to my question I’d love to hear it.

5 thoughts on “A Question To Ponder

  1. What would Santa say?
    I believe it is The Halloween Spirit that allows the gentleman in question to extricate himself from his captors and wreak holy havoc. It empowers him, like the Christmas Spirit meter in “Elf”, there is a Halloween meter and it constantly runs in the red as it is fueled by all the cheaters in the world.
    That is the answer, which I believe may have been in a discourse of ours recently.
    The other alternative, which is an extremely viable possibility is that every year around Halloween, the guards allow Mike to access his Goggins videos and books- soon after that superhero strength is attained and a fine episode of horror commences.


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