Cats In Cahoots

My little darlings turned one September 18th. I love the heck out of them. I truly do. Best part of my morning is waking up and realizing that Milo is down at my feet (as always) and both cats are in bed with me. Sometimes they’re up by my head looking out the window and sometimes they’re both down by feet. Other times it’s a mix and match situation.

They get both dry and wet cat food. When I first got them the person who handed them over explained that she recommends feeding them wet food because cats don’t usually drink enough water so this is a way to get more liquid into them. Sounds weird, I know, but that’s what she told me. So I continue to feed them wet cat food so they’re not dehydrated.

Naturally when Milo saw Holly and Noël getting wet food his first question was, “Where’s mine?” I couldn’t ignore his sweet little face and disappoint him twice a day. I also did not want to cause sibling rivalry. The end result is all three of them have dry food they can eat at will, and they receive wet food twice a day.

I signed up with because I’m lazy and don’t want to have to run out and purchase wet food all the time. I try to buy for about 8-10 weeks at a time which means there’s a lot of food.

This, in turn, led to me purchasing a 3-drawer storage unit to store the wet food for both Milo and the ladies. It sits out in the dining room, up against the wall, right next to the cat tower where the cats eat. Top drawer is dog food. Middle drawer is cat food. I couldn’t find a two drawer unit the size I wanted so I have a third drawer.

Back in September of last year I didn’t adjust the shipments after Laila died so I have way too many bags of Dingo bones and dental chews. Normally the dog (and cat) treats are put in a basket which sits on top of the storage unit. But because there were so many bags of them I put the extra in the bottom drawer along with any wet canned food that I couldn’t fit in the cat drawer.

For whatever reason the cats (primarily Noël) are obsessed with pushing that bottom drawer open and hopping in there. I have no idea why. They don’t have anything in there. The treats all belong to Milo. Noël doesn’t even like treats half the time! Holly would scarf down an entire package but Noel can take them or leave them. And yet she is usually the one pawing at the drawer or sliding behind the wall and pushing it out. I don’t understand what’s in it for them. I’ve caught Holly batting at a Dingo bone and playing with it but she doesn’t eat it.

Milo loves it. The other day I heard a persistent noise which I later realized was the cat clawing at the drawer, trying to open it. When I finally wised up and went to check on things I found multiple cans of cat food strewn around the floor, along with about 15 Dingo bones scattered across the living room and dining room.

Meanwhile, there is a giant canister of catnip sitting on top of the drawer. Do you think they ever knock that off and try to get into it? Nope!

Bottom line is I think the cats are in cahoots with the dog. I haven’t figured their angle out yet but I’m working on it.


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