Shameless Mommy Brag

Alright. My kids are 22 and 20 so I suppose I am far beyond the “mommy” stage. Nonetheless, I wanted to take a moment to brag on my brilliant daughter, Rock Star. She was just offered her first “big girl” job! She will be working in the ICU in the area she now attends college.

I am so, so proud of this girl. Yes, she still needs to get through the rest of her classes, finals, and graduation but she has a job offer before she’s even graduated. She will be making more money than me her first year out, and I say, “Good for her.” My daughter will never have to reply upon a man to take care of her. I am crossing my fingers that she breaks this generational curse.

I am so happy for her. She’s wanted to be a nurse since second grade. She loves the ICU, loves the people at the hospital, and is looking forward to making money. I am so happy she has found her calling and that she’s going to be doing something she loves and which will support her. It makes everything I’ve watched her go through all worth it.

In other potentially good news Picasso is going to be weaned off of his currents meds and new ones are going to be tried. The psychiatrist did say that while the new meds should be able to be metabolized by his body, the ones he was taking should have been metabolized as well. I’m still crossing my fingers. He also got a prescription for a sleeping aid. It’s not- Ativan? Is that the one that is highly addictive? It’s one that has been recommended by two different friends of mine. I passed along the name of the drug his father is currently taking which is supposedly effective for him. I’m not around him so I can’t judge.

Picasso also started one of his classes for his apprenticeship and has an appointment with a vocational rehab counselor next week. Plus, he is supposed to be going to a Halloween party on Monday. Baby steps, but steps nonetheless.

Mommy Brag Time has now concluded (and yet I’m still so freaking happy for my girl and cautiously optimistic for my boy!).


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