The Audacity

Audacity and fuckwits go together like peanut butter and chocolate. I have no less than three stories where men who have cheated on their wives, who go on to marry and procreate with the affair accomplice, don’t understand why the ex-wife does not want to play mommy to his affair children. They are absolutely astounded!

Story #1- Dad cheats on Mom with “Kate”. Dad leaves mom and their two children who are now 16 and 18 for pregnant Kate. His kids with Kate are 11 and 9. In a twist Kate died a year after their youngest child was born. The story teller, who happens to be the 16 year old daughter left behind, says that her dad’s family rallied around her half siblings and tried to make up for the loss of their mother. Meanwhile, Mom continues to co-parent with her lying, cheating POS ex. Said ex then goes on to ask her to include his two affair children in her life after his wife dies. According to the daughter her father went so far as to tell her and her brother a few times that her younger half siblings would be going to her mom’s house with them and that she’d be their mom now, too.

Am I a cold hearted bitch or is this shit bat shit crazy?

The story continues. As the younger kids have gotten older they have expressed all the emotions you might expect of kids who have lost their mom at a young age but who also have older half siblings who do have a mom. She reports they get jealous, sad, frustrated, and that they have asked them to share their mom with them as well as asked to come along on vacations their mom treats them to. Most recently they have started requesting to spend Christmas all together.

Here’s where it gets really weird. The daughter says that over the years her dad or even grandma or uncle has asked her if she dislikes the fact that her mom won’t “open her heart” to kids who are part of her (the daughter’s) family. Thankfully this daughter is not bat shit crazy and she has told the meddling relatives that no, she would never expect her mother to do such a thing.

Anyway, full of audacity Dad has decided he is going to make his second set of kids’ dreams come true for Christmas. Both dad and the older chid of the two pile on to our story teller, trying to convince her to talk her mother into it. Story teller flatly refuses which upsets her half sister. At this point Dad and the grandparents corner the story teller and ask her how she can refuse such a request when she knows her younger half siblings feel left out and that they “crave mothering”.

In the end the daughter told these relatives that she really didn’t care if the younger two felt left out because it wasn’t her mom’s job to mother them nor did she expect her to volunteer to do such a thing. When they went on to say that the mother could, and should, have love for them as her children’s siblings the story teller replied that her dad should have thought about that before he cheated on her and got another woman pregnant while he was still married to her mom.

I am always amazed when people act like you owe the ex’s new children something. If Harley and Jerry Lee had a baby together that kid would mean nothing to me. Honestly, I doubt it would mean much to my kids. I certainly don’t owe it to Jerry Lee to “step up” and mother this child should Harley get hit by a bus. The fact that the child shares DNA with my own children is immaterial. And yet many people make that argument as we will see with Part 2.


2 thoughts on “The Audacity

  1. FFS 🤦‍♀️. Even my lawyer breathed an audible sigh of relief when my reply to her, “how old is this woman,” was 54. “Thank God. No babies to deal with, then. It’s messy enough without that.”

    People have NO idea how this feels.

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    1. I am very glad they don’t have kids together. I really wanted more than 2 and he didn’t so if he got to go on and have more I would have been pissed!

      I would never be mean to a child, even theirs, but I’m also not going to play mommy to that child or plan holidays for them.

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