It Was A Long Week

I did something in December that I don’t think I’ve ever done before. Every single week from the week after Thanksgiving up to the week after New Year’s I worked a 4 day work week. I didn’t plan it that way originally.

I took off December 2nd to fly to Virginia and to see Mannheim Steamroller with the mobster. That was the first 4 day work week. I still had 2 more days to take for the year and since I wasn’t getting back into town until after 11 pm I decided to take Monday, December 5th off. That was my second week. The next Friday was December 16th and was my daughter’s pinning so I took that day off. Third four day work week. I had wanted to take the Monday after Thanksgiving off but had too much work so I opted to take December 23rd off. That was my fourth week. We got Monday the 26th off and we’ll get Monday the 2nd off as well. This is a surprising turn of events because normally our bank does “banked holidays”. We don’t get additional time off but since we didn’t get time off for Christmas or whatever holiday since it fell on a Sunday we can take another day off of our choosing sometime within the next 6 months. For whatever reason they’ve given us the day after lately.

Anyway, a huge part of my job consists of working alerts. We have 30 days to work these alerts from the time they are dated so despite the fact they are usually dated the 28th for some reason and don’t drop for us until the 30th or 31st we still need to get them done within 30 days of that 28th date. Fun, don’t ya think? We are also down an analyst because of my boss leaving and people shifting work roles.

Nonetheless my work was done. I worked the one weekend I did not take a day off before or after. I got caught up and actually got a little bit ahead. If I felt like I was slipping and getting behind I would work longer days. I did everything I needed to get done before leaving for the Christmas holiday on Thursday. I had 5 alerts left. I had already contacted the people I needed to contact. I had it handled.

I was so excited because I am generally working right down to the wire. I’m clearing alerts (other alerts) and the new ones have dropped. I never really get a chance to try to start on my reports super early or play catch up. But this week was going to be my week. I would go in, finish up my 5 alerts, do my 2 days worth of CTRs that were assigned to me (vacation day and regular day), and then clear up my backlog of other alerts I had. And then after that was all done, either Tuesday or Wednesday, I would complete my assigned training courses and once that was finished I would start on my investigations and cases.

Instead I come in Tuesday morning to find that I’ve been assigned another 5 alerts. In fact, we have 46 BSA alerts to clear by the following day.

At this time I’m going to point out that we have been receiving emails from our new boss reminding us that we need to have our work done before we go on vacation because they don’t have anyone else to give it to like they might when we are fully staffed and we don’t have a ton of people trying to go on vacation. We’ve also got several people sick.

And right now we have no idea what the hell happened. Did someone go on vacation and say, “Fuck it! I’m not doing this!”? Did these get lost in a management queue? We do not know.

What I do know is I spent the entire week (all four days of it) putting out fires for other people. Five BSA alerts that were due the following day. Five crypto currency alerts that were due Friday. Yet another type of alert- 3 or 4 of those, one which was due on Wednesday or Thursday.

I got through the alerts for the most part on Tuesday. Wednesday I had 2 outstanding because I was waiting to hear back my the branch. My old boss messages me and tells me she really wants to see me push through the other remaining alerts I have so that she can assign me some alerts for accounts that are exceeding declared behavior. I finished up with all except the alert that wasn’t due until the 15th of January and was then given 29 more alerts. These aren’t as complicated so while 29 is a lot it’s not the end of the world. I got them on Thursday. Worked from home. Worked until around 6:15, 6:30 and then my mom and I went out to dinner. I came back home, logged back on around 9 and was planning on clearing out the remaining 10 or 11 alerts I had. This is when my VPN started going nuts. I lost my connection four times in an hour. The fourth time I just gave up. I was tired and grumpy. I was not going to do this anymore.

Friday I was supposed to work from home. I connect to the VPN and in no time it is giving me problems again. Fine! I throw on clothes and I run into the office to work. Only… it wasn’t my internet that was causing the problems. Our provider was having problems so for the entire day our internet would go down for 3-5 minutes approximately every 15 minutes. And on top of that I received three more alerts.

Plus I still had to get my assigned training courses done. I had five of them. They were due December 31st.

So I’m trying to get alerts done, finish up my training courses, and work on the CTRs that have been sitting there for a week, all while our network sputters out for 3-5 minutes every 15 minutes.

I got all my alerts done. I got all of my other alerts that dropped just on Thursday done. I got my training assignments done. Took one quiz three different times but I finally got them all done. Even started working on some CTRs. And then I left at 4:30 after the damn network crashed yet again. I had an appointment at 5 which was only 5 minutes from my house but because I had to go into the office I now needed a good 20 minutes at least to walk to the parking garage and then drive to the location.

I am still trying to figure out how my catch up/get ahead week turned into the Week From Hell. I went from thinking I was going to enjoy a leisurely week with plenty of time to get everything done to running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I swear, this felt like the longest week of my life.

All right. I’m done complaining. Happy New Year’s Eve to everyone!


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