How Serious Relationships Work

I heard this one on TikTok. Some man explaining how serious relationships work:

If you want to go to Vegas and go do girls’ night and all this other stuff that’s absolutely fine. Do it. I think the man should, not emotionally, say, “That’s fine. I thought you took us more seriously. And if you want to go on a girls trip so be it. I will not be get mad. I will not cry. I will not get angry with you. Because I will never show you emotion. But I do not date women that I take this seriously that want to go on girls’ trips.”  And I mean that with respect. You can go if you want to. I’ll let you go. But I cannot take you seriously any longer as a serious relationship. And I find- and I know this from a lot of experience- multiple times- that any woman that loves a man has actually no problem with that. In fact, I believe that if you genuinely love a man you don’t even want to go.

Seriously, dude? If she’s serious about you she won’t ever want to leave your side? Grow the fuck up.

As one of the commenters said, “So does this mean no more fishing/hunting/golfing trips for the guys?”

I’m sure his response to that would be, “It’s not the same thing. She’s partying in Vegas with her girlfriends. She’s probably drinking and there are undoubtedly men around. Maybe even men that she might find more appealing than me! I, on the other hand, am going fishing/golfing/hunting. It’s all men, no women. Besides, she doesn’t enjoy those things. She would be bored silly.”

Yes, but if he loved me he wouldn’t even want to go. Right?

I find it interesting (and by interesting I mean I think it’s a load of shit) that men have been able, encouraged even, to go out with others since the beginning of time, yet somehow when women get together with their friends and go out for a weekend it’s proof they don’t love their man. 

Men stop at the bar on the way home. Men have the annual aforementioned hunting or fishing trip. Men are going golfing for a weekend. They bowl. They join a dart league. Go to car shows. Take motorcycle trips. Go away for work conventions/conferences. 

Oooh, I wonder how Mr. She’d-Better-Not-Leave-Me-Alone would deal with his girlfriend’s work engagement. Oh, who am I kidding? He probably wouldn’t allow her to work.

Interesting, isn’t it, how as women we’re expected to encourage our partners to take time out for themselves. No one blinks an eye when the man announces he’s going bowling every Thursday night for the next nine months. Or when he says he’s going with the guys on a golf trip. Hell, they deserve it!

But let a woman get together with her friends for a weekend? What kind of madness is this? This is proof, proof I tell you, that she is not serious about him and she does not love him!

The only thing crazier than this kind of thinking is the fact that there are people out there actually listening to this idiot and thinking he speaks wise words.

He does not.

This is the most co-dependent, unhealthy bullshit I’ve ever heard of in my life. Spending a weekend away with your friends is not a bad thing. It is not proof that you are not serious about your relationship. And if you can’t bear to be apart for a single weekend? You’ve got a fucking problem. I said what I said!

I won’t even get into the, “I’ll let you go,” nonsense. Really? How the fuck do you think you’re going to stop me? I don’t need your permission, Sir. I am an adult.

I’m not sure which is more disturbing- the fact that he will “let” the woman he’s dating do something, or that he will never show her emotion. Hey- quick question. How is she supposed to know that you love her, therefore making it necessary to ditch all of her friends, if you won’t ever show emotion? Why should she be investing in you with all of her love and support if she has no idea how you feel about her? How can she be expected to make the “right choice” and decline a weekend away with her friends even if she does love you if she has no idea how you feel about her?

Something tells me he’s not all that bothered about those questions. He just wants to exert a lot of control over the person he dates. I would be willing to bet money he’s one of those, “Do as a I say, not as I do,” type of guys.

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