March Seems To Be My Month

As you all know I have had an incredibly shitty start to my year. Matt dumped me. My dad died. My car broke down. I honestly thought I was going to have to buy a new one which led to shitty thing #4 which was finding out- no big surprise, of course- that Jerry Lee hadn’t paid off the credit card he said he was going to pay off in exchange for more of his 401k. Well, perhaps March is the month that will turn it all around for me. Let’s cross our fingers!

I finally got my car back a little over a week ago. While I did pay over $2200 for everything they did I could have gotten away with paying a mere $50 for a fuse. Apparently the main fuse was no longer working and that was why my car had died on the highway. I went ahead and ok’d the tune up, replacement of some belts, an oil change, and trying to figure out what the hell is going on with my air conditioning.

Last night I went back to the Elks and played euchre again. I came in second and won $25. Considering I only paid $7 to play I came out ahead. I also ended up running into a person I used to go to high school with. I didn’t recognize her at all but every time you switch partners you have to write the person’s name down. I have a very unique name. I’ve already used it in an earlier post. It’s Sharna. A few hands in she asks me where I went to high school. I told her. She asks me what year I graduated. I told her. She’s like, “Me too! I knew I recognized your name. I’m Sue!” As soon as she said her name I knew exactly who it was. I’m just wondering exactly how much she doubted who I was. There aren’t a lot of people with my name. In fact, if you ever run into one it’s probably me. I’ll save you some time. I’m not saying I’m the only one but I am saying I’m pretty rare.

Anyway, everyone was super friendly once again. Sue even gave me a mini tour of the building. They have a bowling alley onsite. It’s small- maybe 8 lanes- but they have a freaking bowling alley and play league bowling there.

The last thing I’m going to talk about was actually the first good thing that happened this month. On March 1st to be exact my old boss asked me if I had a minute. For her, I have as many minutes as she needs.

She calls me via Teams and starts it off by asking me if I remember how we talked about career development last year. Of course I did. Well, there is a new position that they’ve created and since it is an offshoot of her department they were asking for her input into a potential candidate. This position won’t be under her any longer but since she is the Chief Compliance Officer they want her input. She had suggested someone for the job but this person was not local. The person over this department does not like the idea of remote workers so her first suggestion was vetoed. They wanted someone local and someone who was already familiar with the bank. So she thought of me.  She told me about the the job and said that if I was interested she would speak to the person who would be my boss. She ended it by telling me that this is where I really should be. It’s considered a management position although I would not have any direct reports. She did say she thought I probably would have direct reports eventually. And she also told me I was a very strong candidate, which went along with the whole, “You should be in management and stop wasting your time elsewhere.” She also told me later on to ask for 30% more than what I’m making now and be prepared to accept somewhere between 20 and 25%. Actually what she said was, “Ask for 20% more. Nah, actually ask for 30% and then be prepared to take somewhere in the middle.”

I spoke to my current boss on Thursday and asked her if she had received my email regarding me interviewing for the new job. She had not. She asked me if there was a particular reason I was looking, such as being unhappy in our department. I assured her that I was not unhappy but this was a management position and our old boss had suggested it to me. So at this point she tells me they would hate to lose me. I’m going to paraphrase because I don’t recall the exact words she used but basically I am a rock star and I am able to pick up on everything they throw at me and I’m an incredibly hard worker and most importantly, they are hoping to hire another analyst in the third quarter. Once they do that they are preparing to split our department into two teams and they will need another manager. She told me I would be a very strong candidate (what is it with that wording?) for taking that other position.

It is highly likely that I am now in a position where I will be promoted three times in approximately 3 1/2 years.

I would prefer to move up in my department even though that might be a little awkward. There’s much greater flexibility and I already know what I’m doing. I’m not an idiot though. If I’m offered the other position I will definitely be talking to my current boss and asking her about the timeline and if I’m assured of the other management position or if it’s only a possibility. If they can’t guarantee it for me I’m not saying no to a sure thing.

I guess if you’re going to lose a boyfriend you may as well earn a shit ton more money, huh? As Lady Gaga says, “If you ever wonder if you should follow a man or your career just remember: Your career will never wake up one day and tell you it doesn’t love you anymore.”


5 thoughts on “March Seems To Be My Month

    1. Sorry- I could not finish the story. After my mom had me she ran into the woman again. Naturally one of the first questions is, “What’s the baby’s name?” My mom tells her and is getting ready to ask her where she heard it when the woman says, “Oh that’s pretty. Where did you come up with that name?” So it’s always been a mystery.

      I did run into someone with my name back in 2020. Her mother named her after a character in a children’s book.


  1. As the story goes my mom was talking to another woman and somehow it came up that if this woman ever had a baby girl and was going to name her Sharna Michelle. My mom liked the name and told her if she had a baby girl that’s what she was going to name her, too.


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