Just Another Wednesday

Happy Hump Day to all! Not much going on here but I didn’t want to lose my impressive streak.

I went back for some more mindful meditation. This was my third visit. Seems they lost their monk (I don’t know how they lost a monk) so they’re just winging it right now. They’ll take turns leading the class. One of them asked me on Monday if I’d like to take a turn. Lady, I will mess up everybody’s chakra. No good can come of me leading this class. Instead of saying all of that I just told her I didn’t quite feel ready to lead.

Tonight was Trivia Night. Our team came in third. We were in first place heading into the final question but Uranus messed us up.

Saturday my mom and I are supposed to be making noodles with other people in the DAR. I thought it would be a couple of hours. It’s supposed to take all freaking day! The email sent out told those of us who would be there to plan on arriving by 8”30, to bring a sack lunch, and that hopefully we would be finished around 4:30ish. Seriously? That’s a whole lot of freaking noodles!

I’ve been icing my poor shoulder blade for over a week now. I think the same thing that happened during the last few days of my vacation back in September has happened again. I’ve been to the chiropractor twice since Friday. I’m following exercises on YouTube and I’m alternating between ice and heat as much as possible. I would really really like some strong pain killers right about now.

Next week is my first board meeting for the alumni association. I’m looking forward to it.

I’m tired. I’m going to bed.


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