Welcome to yet another infidelity blog. I’m not sure what sets me apart from others, aside from my husband’s choice in sex partners.  I’m not reconciling; I’m divorcing.  I was married for 18 years when I found out my husband was carrying on a long-distance emotional affair with none other than his cousin.  I am such a dumbass that I actually fought for my marriage and thought we were on the so-called road to recovery.  We even made a cross country move, one that was put into motion when Romeo and Juliet hooked up, less than a year after I discovered their affair.  Not quite 12 months later and he’s involved with her again.  Four days shy of the 2 year “anti-versary” of DDay #1 I received a message letting me know that my husband had been spending his weekends in Whore Town with his cousin/whore.  And his whole family knew and had no problem with it.

You can read all about it in Part 1Part 1.5, and Part 2.

Allow me to introduce the three main characters.  I am Sam; I am awesome.  The STBX (soon to be ex) husband is Cousinfucker, CF or STBX.  His whore is whore (no capitalization) or Harley.  Sometimes when I get really fancy I’ll refer to her as his gold digging, white trash whore.

That’s it in a nutshell.  Twenty plus years of marriage down the drain.  He moved me and our kids 2000 miles across the country for a new job that was supposed to make him happy and then abandoned us for a whore.  I’m pissed off but in the end I realize I’m going to miss my pool a hell of a lot more than I’m going to miss that jackass.




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  1. I have to tell you this. Been married 33 years when this started. My husband still swears no affair. I’m still with him . It’s been a long 2 years but he seems to want our marriage and still swears no affair happened. Lots of circumstantial evidence until I caught him hiding money and I left him for a few weeks.

    He had all the money and showed me. It’s been 1 1/2 years now and we’re supposed to take a trip to look at some land in another state that we are considering moving to.

    He has never laid a finger on me. A couple of weeks ago as we were discussing our trip, he made this joking sort of comment about how he could make me disappear and nobody would know what happened.

    I don’t even know how that came up. I have no reason to think anything could be happening but that comment was just weird.

    The email I sign in on is one I can’t get to anymore.

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    1. Kay, does it really matter if he had an affair or not? The question I would be asking is whether or not this relationship is acceptable to you? Is it? Because if it’s not, you don’t need him to have an affair to move on. After his comment about you disappearing I would not go on vacation with him. And if you decide to go despite his creepy pronouncement I would make sure you tell EVERYONE where you’re going, how long you’re supposed to be gone, and that if you don’t return home your husband did something to you. I hope you find the peace you are looking for.


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