Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

The title itself is a lie. There will be no statistics in this entry. Only lies and damn lies.

I got a chance to see Cousinfucker’s answers to the interrogatories. Wow! That man can lie and lie and lie. It never gets old for him.

According to him, I opened up the loan for the pool in his name. Um… no, that’s not how that happened at all. I did the research. I made the phone calls. Nothing unusual about that. It’s not like he ever took the initiative on stuff like this. Once the research was done he came home and I told him what I had found out and told him he needed to be the one who filled out the application online. He did. Can someone please explain to me how that is me opening up a loan in his name?

I opened up a credit card in his name and without his knowledge. Another lie. This particular credit card was opened up when we opened our bank account back in 2001. We, as in, together. We sat there together in the office and opened the account and were told that we were receiving this card. As my brother noted, “That’s fifteen years of statements showing up in his bank records. He never once noticed it?” No, he probably didn’t because he never wanted to be bothered by financial matters. So long as he had enough in the account to buy whatever it was he wanted then he was happy.

These next three weren’t so much lies as they were indignant whining about shit he had no business whining about. Crybaby complaint #1- I closed our joint checking account down without his knowledge or permission! Crybaby complaint #2- I had a garage sale without his knowledge and most of the furnishings were gone. Crybaby complaint #3- He was once again putting it out there that he was “forced to vacate” the family home in March.

My rebuttal to crybaby complaint #1- Why the fuck does he even care whether or not the account was closed? I closed that account after he informed me that he was no longer going to send me any more money. He hadn’t used that account in 9 months! He was busy using his joint checking account with the whore. It’s not like he had a car payment coming out of that account and when I closed it down he got hit with fees. I had no choice but to close it down at that point. The mortgage came out automatically; the bank was telling me there was no way for them to stop payment because it was something we had set up. CF was the one who set it up and he sure as hell wasn’t going to give me that information! So what’s the big deal exactly, aside from the fact that thousands of dollars weren’t coming out of what was essentially my damn checking account to take care of bills that he left us with and had no intention of helping to pay?

He also went on to say that I took $27,000 out of savings and then closed that account as well. Not exactly, Liar Liar Pants on Fire. I took the $27,000 back in August. The savings account got closed when the checking account was closed.

Rebuttal to crybaby complaint #2- Again, why the fuck does he care? I’m the one that went through everything. I’m the one who priced everything. I’m the one that was up at 5 am, dragging shit out. I’m the one that was out in the searing, humid heat for two or three days. Would it have mattered if I had told him? Was he going to come up and sit outside with us while we sold off items? Did he really want to be a part of this or is he just looking to whine about something and cast himself as a hapless victim of the big ol’ mean garage sale-ing ex? Oh, I think we have a winner!

Rebuttal to crybaby complaint #3- Can someone please explain to me how it is possible that a person can resign from a job in late January, take another job in a state 7 hours away in early February, and then claim to be forced out of the marital home in March? I’m positive that January and February both come before March, therefore I’m going to need a little help understanding how a person can be forced out of a place when they’ve already moved. Additionally, and on a much smaller WTF scale, the temporary orders never said he had to vacate the premises. They said he needed to vacate the premises OR begin paying rent. That OR is very important. It’s what separates having a choice from not having a choice. It’s really all a moot point anyway because the most important part of this crybaby complaint rebuttal is the fact that Cousinfucker had already voluntarily resigned his job and moved seven hours away. It’s not like we lived in a border state and he could claim that while he did indeed quit his job in Arizona and take one in Nevada that it was only a 30 minute commute. It was seven freaking hours away! Was his argument that despite leaving us every single weekend for the past 6 months he had now decided to come “home” on the weekends? Was he planning on bringing the whore with him or was he going to get enough of her nasty pussy during the week when he was only two hours away from her? Yet another example of him being the poor put upon cheating victim suffering at the hands of the big ol’ nasty cheated on wife.

Hey I do have a statistic for you: I hate him 100%

Evil Always Wins, Part 2

I want to thank all of you who have sent me good wishes throughout all of this. I appreciate those who believe that Cousinfucker has horrible things heading his way and that when I get my day in court he’ll have his ass handed to him by a judge. Unfortunately, as the title says, evil always wins and there was no ass handing. Only ass kissing, in my very humble opinion.

We had our court hearing for his failure to pay to spousal and child support. First of all, he didn’t even bother to show up. You would think that would have a very adverse effect on the court proceedings where he was concerned. You would be wrong.

Oh, we went ahead with the hearing. His attorney fell on the sword for him, citing a “miscommunication” over whether or not he needed to be there or if we could reach a settlement. She asked to have the hearing delayed or for him to appear by phone. She didn’t get either of those things but it didn’t matter. Evil still won.

I walked into the courtroom with him owing me over almost $53,000. I walked out with him owing me just under $29,000. Yes, folks, even with the shit eating chimp blowing off court he still got his support modified! All the way back to June. Only the spousal support. He still owes $2000/month for the child support, but my spousal support was slashed by more than 50%. More like 75%.

The judge did make reference to the fact that it probably seemed like he was being rewarded for his bad behavior but that this wouldn’t have any effect on the spousal support in the settlement hearing. Nonetheless, he deducted $3000 a month from his obligation because I was no longer having to pay the mortgage, the loan on the pool, or the credit cards. And he made it effective as of June 1st. Didn’t matter that I paid everything in June except the second half of the mortgage payment. Didn’t matter that I continued to pay one of the credit cards until I ran out of money. He still got his way even though the dumb fuck wasn’t there!

Take heart, cheaters! You can lie, cheat, steal marital funds, quit your job of many years, walk away from tens of thousands in unvested stocks, cash in your remaining stock and spend it on a  whore and her kids, leave the state you drug your family to for your happiness, essentially get fired from your new job, refuse to pay support of any kind, and NOT SHOW UP FOR THE DAMN HEARING and you will be rewarded handsomely.

About the job… I found out last month he was given the option of resigning or being fired due to showing up to work intoxicated. I found out later that not only had he been drinking but that he had already been warned. I found out the day of the hearing that he had been on probation twice for drinking and that this was actually the third time! He apparently had a glass of wine at lunch and then refused a breathalyzer upon returning, at which point he was given the option of resigning. And yet he still got away with everything.

Oh, the judge found him in contempt. I’m not clear as to whether he was in contempt of the settlement order or he was in contempt of court for not appearing. I do remember the judge telling his attorney that this had been an order to appear. So he was fined $10,000. Of course, if he pays his support obligation by our divorce hearing in May then the $10,000 fine will be forgiven. How very nice for him. I just love it when good things happen to horrible people.

Additionally, his lawyer is definitely trying to argue that he lost his job due to PTSD and not drinking, that the drinking was simply because of the PTSD. And, she implored the judge to consider the fact that there were material changes in circumstances, i.e. her client was not working and had no income, and I was working now and making approximately $30,000/year.

Of course, she seems to forget despite my testimony only moments earlier, that the only reason I’m making that amount of money is because I work 50-55 hours a week. It’s because, as I testified, I go into work at 4 am and work until 7 when I come home, take Rock Star to school and then return home to get ready for my second job. And then I work all day from 8:45 or 8:30 until 5:15. I also work 6 days out of seven, although to be fair Saturday is my easy day. I only work from 4 am until 9 or 9:30, or thereabouts.

Strangely, my attorney thought court went really well and sees it as a win. As she pointed out, “You’ll get $28,000 by May.” Well, yes, but I was supposed to get $52,000. And he continues to insist upon splitting the marital debt and paying it out of his 401k. While my attorney is dead set against that she does think I will be assigned 50% of the debt, including the loan for the pool that is in his name alone.

I have a few problems with this, all of them centering around the fact that I’m negotiating with a fucking liar. Let’s say I foolishly agree to pay off the marital debt with the 401k. Don’t worry. I won’t agree to it, although I suppose the judge could order it eventually. But let’s say I do agree. 1. He could easily lie about the amounts he’s paying. He could act as though he had to pay off the full amounts while actually negotiating a lower payoff amount. So, in theory he could say: Sam, we have $100,000 in the 401k. The marital debt is $25,000 so I’ll pay those off and we’ll split the $75,000- $32,500 each. Then he negotiates the marital debt down to $10,000, gives me $32,500 and takes $47,500. Now granted, this doesn’t take into consideration the huge taxes and penalties he would pay but it does give you an idea of what would probably happen. 2. He could just not pay it. Period. And file bankruptcy, leaving me holding the bag. Basically, any situation in which I’m relying upon him to do something he says he will do is fraught with potential pitfalls. Even if I agree to take half of the debt on and end up negotiating a settlement myself with the creditors, he could still refuse to take care of his obligations or file bankruptcy, and once again, I’m dealing with his irresponsibility. I get punished for doing the right thing and he gets rewarded for doing the wrong thing.

My take on this is if I got fucked up the ass as hard as I did at the hearing without him being there I don’t stand a chance in May when he does appear. Hell, maybe he’ll blow that off as well. Won’t matter. The judge who traded in his first wife for a newer model is still going to give him everything he wants while giving me nothing. My attorney did say that in an absolute worst case scenario I would be awarded spousal support for 10 years. Fantastic! How much? $1000? $500? Whatever it is it won’t be enough to allow me to stop working two jobs. I only get child support for another 3 1/2 years. It will already be slashed in a little over a year. Not that he’s paying it anyway. And will my daughter magically take over all financial responsibility for herself the minute she turns 18? I don’t think so.

If he gets his way, and I’m sure he will because the judge apparently sympathizes with cheating men who abandon their children and don’t pay support, then I will pretty much be left with absolutely nothing after twenty years of marriage. My reward for moving across the country countless times, leaving behind one life after another while he pursues his career, and putting all my trust and faith in him is being abandoned in middle age, forced to work 13+ hour days for the rest of my life while caring for our children with no help from him, and receiving maybe $5000 when it’s all said and done. He’s undoubtedly going to be off the hook for spousal support despite earning six figures the last fifteen years of our marriage. He runs off and gets a new life with his whore and her kids, his “stepchildren” as he calls them. She makes good money so his lifestyle doesn’t go down the toilet. They’re still going out to eat. They’re still going on vacation. Meanwhile, I’ve lost everything and have nothing to replace it with. And yet people still think I’m joking when I say I hope I die at an early age.

I Have Two Children, Right?

My sister-in-law was over at the house the other day wrapping gifts. While she was here we talked about whether or not we thought CF would send the kids anything for Christmas. I jokingly said I should start a pool and take bets.

The very next day a card arrives for Rock Star. It’s from her dad with a gift card enclosed. Naturally there is a gooey message in there about how proud he is of her, how much he misses her, how he thinks about her constantly and he hopes that one day she will want to see him. As my daughter put it, “It’s good to know that he can take my Christmas gift and turn it into something about him.”

Hey! Wait just one darn minute. Don’t we have TWO kids? Yes, yes we do. Perhaps in his sorrow over the fact that he chose a gold digging whore over his own flesh and blood he forgot he had a son as well because nothing came in the mail for Picasso. Nothing arrived today either.

Obviously this throws off all bets. I didn’t have a category for gifting one child and ignoring the other; I never foresaw this although I probably should have. But since I’m discussing it, what kind of a fuckwit sends one kid a card and a gift and doesn’t send anything to the second kid? I suppose there is a slight possibility that Picasso’s card hasn’t arrived yet. I’m not holding my breath but I do acknowledge it is slightly possible.

Here’s another fun fact. He listed his return address as an apartment in his mom’s city, which is about an hour away from the whore. Hmmmm….. I do so love playing detective, especially since he thinks I’m so stupid. I thought at first he was using one of the apartment addresses associated with Tammy Faye.

She and Pastor Fake live in a four unit apartment building. Her sister-in-law and her husband lived in the unit next door, although I hear they are getting a divorce so who knows what’s going on now. Her granddaughter lives above them with her boyfriend and their two kids, or at least she did a year and a half ago. Pastor Fake’s brother and his son live in the final apartment. Again, this was all before I found out I was married to a lying, cheating sonofabitch so things may have changed. Nonetheless, they’ve got most of the family living in the unit.

When I received an invitation for the granddaughter’s baby shower a few years ago I noticed the street address was different from Tammy Faye’s. I asked her about it and she verified that she did indeed live above Tammy Faye but for some reason, maybe the door faces another direction, the street address is different.

Anyway, I tell you all this story because I thought possibly he was using one of those addresses for his return address. It turns out though that the apartment listed is actually about 5 minutes away. Why it’s such a fucking secret where he’s living is beyond me. Furthermore, I love how he thinks he’s pulling a fast one because I know damn well he’s living with the ho bag. If you look on his Facebook page he lists the whore’s town as his place of residence. He listed her address on all of his tax forms, his bank account, MY fucking bank account, and his paycheck from his former job. Does he not realize I have access to all of that? Oh, Cousinfucker, please tell me again how your IQ is so high you could be a member of Mensa.

I’m not giving it much thought but I continue to be amazed at what a liar he is. He lies as easily as he breathes and for no purpose other than to try to con me. Why? Who knows? I don’t care.

Good news is I also have a pool going on whether or not he’ll post another sappy message to his kids on Christmas and what it might say. You’ve still got time to join this one; place your bets, everyone!

And a Merry Christmas To Me

I got a certified letter today letting me know they will be having a foreclosure sale on our house in January. Yep, the day I start my new job they will be selling my former home.

Thankfully I am not on the mortgage, only the deed; nonetheless, it’s like a punch in the gut to get news that what was once a beautiful home is now being sold off due to non-payment. God only knows what all is left in the house still. I’m sure Cousinfucker cleaned it out pretty well but more than likely he only took the bigger stuff. My son’s nutcracker collection is undoubtedly a casualty, as is my wedding dress, and numerous outdoor decorations.

I hate what it has become- a symbol of failure. I have to remind myself over and over that it’s not my problem. The pool is green and probably frozen over. I hope nothing else bursts. Again, not my problem. I can only do so much and since he wasn’t willing to do anything my “only so much” wasn’t very much.

Apparently he was too lazy to try to put it on the market or to call the two people I told him about that were interested in a short sale. Probably too busy having sex with his cousin the whore.

Oh well. Like I told my mom when I got the news, thank goodness I didn’t try to stick it out. I would have ended up having to find new accommodations during the middle of my daughter’s junior year of high school. I probably would have ended up having to move back here anyway so better this past summer as opposed to over Christmas break.

I guess the good news is with this foreclosure Cousinfucker can’t buy the whore a house like they planned. He used his VA loan and with this default he won’t ever be able to use one again. He’s never had to save up money before to put a down payment down which he will now have to do if he ever wants to buy again. Ha! Once again I feel I must point out that as much as he bitched and moaned about me spending all “his” money he never ended up defaulting on a goddamn mortgage when he was married to me.

I Survived Day One

I did it. I survived my day from Hell. I got up at 1:20 this morning. Yes, 1:20 a.m. A time of night when most people are sleeping. But not me! Oh no! I am bright eyed and bushy tailed at that hour.

I got up, went in to work at 2 a.m., worked until a little after 10, came home, ate some breakfast, threw a load of clothes into the washer, went to my second job at noon and worked until a little after 8 pm. I was proud of myself for getting through it and then realized I get to do it all over again tomorrow. I go in at 3 a.m., work until God knows when and then work noon-8 once again. And then get up and go in to work at 3 a.m. one more time. So we’ll see how well I do when I’ve pulled 2 sixteen hour days in a row. Thankfully I only work one job on Sunday and I should be done no later than 11 am.

My feet hurt, my body aches, and I am in total bitch mode right now. Seriously, I am so cranky. I could bitch slap a nun and wouldn’t feel a bit of remorse. I probably would when I’m no longer feeling so exhausted but right now… stay out of my way.

Aside from that I can say I did it. I was dreading it but I survived. I always do. I’m the total opposite of the soon to be ex. While he’s off crying, fucking his cousin and whining about his supposed PTSD I just worked a sixteen hour day. And unlike him I didn’t spend it playing Candy Crush or Angry Birds. I really really hate him. See? I told you I wasn’t a very nice person right about now.

I need to go to bed. I have to be to work in 6 hours. Hooray!

Happy Anniversary, Cousinfucker!

I recently had the “pleasure” of celebrating my second anniversary while my cheating shithead of a husband is shacked up with his whore. I am still married so the clock is still ticking on the number of years wedded. Twenty-two years. Twenty-two wasted years.

Last year’s anniversary was much better. The temporary settlement had been negotiated. We were still living in our own house. My kids were at their old schools. I had money. I wasn’t working any job, much less two. I took the kids to Olive Garden and they were convinced that a cute waiter (who was married) was flirting with me. He was not. He was being friendly, which is what you do when you wait tables and work for tips. My daughter bought me some goodies to make up for the fact that I was married to an asshole.

This year I worked from 4 in the morning until around 8:30, 9:00, and then I went to work at my second job and worked from 12-5. Afterwards I did some Christmas shopping. By the time I was finished and ready to pick up my daughter and run a final errand for my mother I was practically limping because my feet hurt so bad.

In the hustle and bustle of working all day I didn’t get a chance to plaster a celebratory message all over Facebook, which seems to be Cousinfucker’s preferred method of communication. Because I have a court hearing coming up I would like to keep my nose clean so instead of wishing him a happy anniversary on Facebook I’ll just do it here. Hey, he doesn’t seem to care whether or not his message reaches his intended audience so why should I?

Happy Anniversary, Cousinfucker! Twenty-two years of marriage to celebrate, although that’s not really true, is it? No, we actually celebrated (if you can call it that) for eighteen years before you fucked up. Our nineteenth anniversary was spent in the shadow of your emotional affair with your fucked up, gold digging whore of a cousin. It was over by then and you swore up and down that it was a mistake and I was the one you loved, but you’re a liar. Even if you had been telling the truth it still wouldn’t have mattered. Our anniversaries were marred from there on out by the fact that it was an anniversary after infidelity. So, we celebrated our nineteenth anniversary, the first one after your affair. And then we celebrated our twentieth, our second one after your affair.

I had high hopes that our twenty-first anniversary would be different and that I wouldn’t think of it as the third anniversary since your affair. But no. You upped your game. You started up with Harley again, sending her money, making life plans with her, lying to me, and then fucking her. You were still living in the house on our twenty-first anniversary, although you snuck away every weekend to spend it with the whore.

Then this year I worked two jobs while you lounged around your whore’s rented house. Did you remember what the day was? Did you buy her flowers? Did you have lots and lots of sex to commemorate the day? Did you go out to dinner or spend the evening in, watching TV? Did you hang out with her kids, the ones you’ve chosen over your own? Did you ever find it just a little bit odd to be sharing yet another anniversary with me while you were shacked up with another “woman”?

Hey, her anniversary is later this month. Maybe you can celebrate both days of broken vows. Whatever you do may I suggest you not pick another December wedding date? That doesn’t seem like a good month for either of you. Plus, that’s the month we celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus and you two are the devil so that kinda puts you at odds with the entire month.

Evil Always Wins

That’s kind of a depressing title, huh? I know it’s popular to believe that in the end good always prevails but after so much of what I’ve read I’m just not sure.

I don’t know why I’m writing this today. Maybe it’s because I’m under the weather with a cold. Or maybe because it’s snowing and I’d prefer to stay inside and curl up with my dogs, sipping cocoa and watching television but instead I have to go to my second job. Hell, maybe it’s the realization that I’m pretty sure I’m never going to get another day off again in my life.

The reality though is that things are actually looking a tiny little bit up for me. I’ve started my second job as of yesterday and it looks like they’re going to be giving me plenty of hours. So… while that means no sleep, no days off and rarely seeing my kids it also means more money for me. I got the full-time position I wanted and I’ll start in January. It doesn’t pay much ($11/hour) but it’s full-time and comes with benefits although I’m not sure what I’ll be able to take advantage of aside from paid days off. So on that front things are going okay.

Back to that whole “evil always wins” thing. I really think it does. If you’re willing to cheat and lie you don’t really care about others. That puts you at a big advantage in winning.

If you don’t care who you hurt you can focus on getting what you want regardless of the collateral damage. Cousinfucker doesn’t give a shit that his kids are struggling and that their standard of living has fallen way, way below what they’re used to. He’s happy and that’s all that matters. Harley doesn’t care about the price my kids have paid. She got what she wanted. Her kids haven’t had to pay a price for her cheating ways. They got MORE in fact because Cousinfucker was trying so hard to buy their love and affection. Jezebel is a horrible person. She cheated on Husband #1 with Husband #2 and then cheated on Husband #2 with Husband #3. She’s always looking to trade up and to find some poor sap who is willing to give her whatever she wants and she’s successful. I couldn’t even begin to imagine treating people the way she treats them and yet she has everything she has ever wanted and I’m just a cheated on wife working 2 jobs and trying to keep my head above water.

Because they don’t play by the rules, because they don’t care who they walk over, they come out ahead. She’s never left anyone without having someone else lined up. In her first divorce Husband #2 gave her money and paid for lots of extras. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out Husband #3 also helped support her after her divorce from Husband #2. God knows he paid for enough hunting equipment for his little Rambo Barbie.

Bonnie, from my stellar example of cheating true loves living happily ever after, ruined a long term marriage, embezzled from her employer, ended up in prison, left her true love for the ex-con she met in the halfway house, and then divorced him. By all accounts she’s perfectly happy. It doesn’t weigh heavily on her conscience that she has left all this damage in her wake.

I see it time and time again on Chump Lady. Cheaters leaving their families behind and having these fabulous lives. They get away with not paying their obligations. In some cases they get away with turning their kids against the person they’ve cheated on. They get away with hiding money and skirting any kind of responsibility. In my case, he’s doing all of that while portraying himself as the victim.

That is simply so foreign to me. I would be too embarrassed to show my face if I were cheating on my husband and he left me because of it. I sure as hell wouldn’t be posting pictures of me and my moral-less lover all over Facebook and proudly crowing that we were in a relationship. I would never think to cheat on my spouse and then try to take him for everything he was worth, and yet some women do. I don’t think I could ever spend money on another man and look my husband in the eye and lie to him the way he did to me.

They have a leg up on those of us with a soul because when you are a good person, a kind person, a person with a moral compass, you can’t fathom someone acting like that. Yet they do and it takes us by surprise each and every time. We don’t tend to go for the jugular or make people dance for us just for fun. These disordered wing nuts do. That’s why evil wins. They don’t play by the rules. They hit below the belt.

They’re able to disregard everyone for their own wants. I think too much. I can’t imagine sleeping with someone else’s husband. I would hate myself. I envision having to face his kids and them hating me because I tore their family apart. I imagine meeting his family and them all knowing I’m a home wrecking whore. Those thoughts never occur to actual home wrecking whores or their male counterparts. They probably figure everyone will be enamored of them as is their just due. If they’re against the union, well, they’re just jealous of their happiness.

Conversely, I could never cheat on my husband. There were times I felt vulnerable but I always made sure I didn’t put myself into a compromising situation. I would never be able to look him in the eye. I would feel like a fraud. I would have been consumed with guilt. Yet people do it all the time. They don’t blink an eye. It doesn’t bother them. They’re getting whatever it is that they want and they about anyone else.

I remember watching some reality show years and years ago. The woman was pregnant and on bed rest and I remember she had a little bell that she would ring and her husband would come running. I was aghast. I was probably one of the least complaining pregnant women out there. For one, I was so damn thankful I was pregnant and that I didn’t lose this one that I didn’t feel right to complain about anything. For another I had just never been raised to be a pain in the ass. Look, I get she was on bed rest and that she couldn’t do for herself. But come on! Do you need to ring the damn bell every five minutes? I felt guilty asking him to make me a glass of lemonade! One damn time!

Back in high school I used to think guys liked bitches (and conversely, girls liked bad boys). It seemed the shittier a guy was treated the more he loved that girl. I don’t know if it was because it was a challenge or what. I dated at least two guys who were like that. I thought that as we got older most of us outgrew that. But I’m back to thinking that’s true. Harley and Jezebel are both horrible people and yet they are with someone. They both have everything they have ever wanted. Granted, Harley didn’t get the prize she thought she was going to get but there is still time. He can still try to pull a rabbit out of his hat.

I think it’s the guilt that gets us. I had a hard time standing firm with my decision to cut most of his family out of my life after the first EA and the fact that they didn’t cut ties with Harley. Towards the end I was slowly caving. I was being portrayed as the unreasonable person while they were simply good Christians. Because I have the ability to feel guilt they could use that, however unintentionally, against me. They don’t have guilt. They don’t have a moral compass. So they were perfectly fine with cavorting with that whore while acting like hapless victims.

They get away with it because they do. not. care. You can’t punish them. You can’t guilt them. They don’t have feelings like the rest of us do. They can look you in the eye and spew lie after lie. They can live in your home with you and your kids and take off every weekend to go fuck their whore. They lie and cheat and then when divorce papers are filed they set out to financially destroy you as well, all while acting like they’re an innocent unfairly maligned. Poor them. Can you believe that crazy person is doing all of this to poor little him or her? They throw you under the bus after stabbing you in the back and in the meantime so many of us are still trying to play by the rules.

We get court orders and they refuse to follow them. We keep our noses clean to look good in court and to make sure we don’t look like we’re alienating our kids from the other parent and they do whatever the hell they want. They hide money and quit jobs and spend marital funds on whores. They cash in stock and take out loans on their 401ks and they get away with it. In the end there’s really nothing a judge can do to make it right. You’re dealing with someone who doesn’t think like you, has no conscience, doesn’t play by the rules, and thinks that wanting something justifies them taking it no matter how many people they step on. Their happiness is the only thing that matters and everything and everyone else can just fuck off and die. It’s not a level playing field. Most of us still believe in playing fair, playing by the rules, doing the honest thing. We can’t even begin to imagine the things they do because those actions are so foreign to us. We think they love us; we think they love their children and the lives we were leading together. We think they have a heart and a conscience. That’s why, when up against the disordered, evil always wins.

More Money Blues

How much is this fucking divorce going to end up costing me? For crying out loud, it’s not like we have millions in assets to divide up! It’s not like we even have hundreds of thousands of dollars to divide up. And yet I am already $6000 into it and my lawyer needs another $3000 before Christmas. Hooray!

Do you have any idea what six thousand dollars has bought me so far? It paid for divorce papers to be filed on the grounds of adultery, with the shit eating chimp “demurring” on those charges”. I later found out my attorney didn’t write it up correctly so at any point CF could deny those charges and then he wouldn’t be ordered to pay me a cent until a year had passed (which is no longer a worry seeing as how it’s been a year). It got me a downsized temporary settlement offer that was followed for a whopping five months. That was also written incorrectly so now I pay taxes on the entire alimony amount as opposed to part of it being written in as marital debt. I think we can safely say that the first $3000 was completely wasted. The next $3000 has bought me…. nothing really. It’s not to say that my lawyer isn’t working for her money. It’s just that I’m a freaking year into this shit and I’m no closer to a divorce than I was over a year ago. My money has been spent on crap like reminding him to pay off the pool, to pay my half of the bonus check, to ask him to get my damn support check to me on time, to argue about the $5000 I already paid to the pool contractor. It’s also been spent trying to figure out what the hell is going on with him after he abruptly quit his second job. It’s been spent drafting interrogatories, going to court for a show-cause hearing, and filing motions to prevent him from draining his 401k (if he hasn’t already done so). Oh, and emails. I’ve undoubtedly spent a shit ton of money on emails! It’s all bullshit and I still don’t have a settlement or a finalized divorce.

The sad part is since we have to go to court in February I’m sure a huge chunk of that $3000 is going to be spent on that. I can’t keep coming up with $3000 retainers. He has ruined my credit so I don’t have any credit cards to put it on. Because he hasn’t paid child or spousal support in 6 months I have drained any and all savings I had. Unlike him, I didn’t get to blow my share of the bonus check on spring break in Daytona with my fake family. I got to use mine to pay utilities and feed my kids.

My attorney is going to ask for my legal fees to be paid for by him. With his recent employment woes I’m not sure how that’s going to play out. I figure I’m going to end up getting screwed out of everything so I’m not banking on getting that money back.

Argh! This is so frustrating! Anybody want to start a pool on how much this divorce is ultimately going to cost me? I’m shaking my damn head. No one should be paying around $10,000 for a divorce when there is NOTHING left to fight over.

Another Cheater Kills His Wife For His Whore

Oh good Lord! This one has it all. Christians, murders, delusional and enabling parents, best friend turned whore, Joyce Meyer. Everything!

Meet Chris Coleman. On second thought, don’t meet him. He’s sitting in prison in Illinois because he killed his wife and two sons in order to start all over with his wife’s high school best friend. Yeah, with friends like that who needs enemies, right? Cherry on top of that shit sundae? His wife, Sheri, introduced the two of them. I’m sure she trusted her high school best friend, that it never occurred to her to worry that she (Tara) would turn around and fuck her husband.

Why kill her? Why not simply divorce her and start all over with the dream whore? Here’s where it gets interesting. Good ol’ Chris was Joyce Meyer’s bodyguard. Yes, that Joyce Meyer, the televangelist and author. He was making six figures and all that traveling allowed him to take the whore to Hawaii and Arizona. He didn’t think he would be allowed to keep his job if anyone knew he divorced his wife for his affair partner.

So the genius begins to send threatening emails to himself. The emails demand he resign as Joyce’s bodyguard or his family will be punished for his sins. In what I am sure is a complete coincidence these threatening emails begin right when his affair with good ol’ Tara begins. Hmmm…..  Then he begins putting letters into the family mailbox. It ultimately ends with the murder of his wife and his two children. He killed his kids for this whore. Eleven and nine years old. Strangled them in their beds.

I would say that I wonder how Tara sleeps at night but the truth of the matter is she probably doesn’t give it a second thought. Hey, it’s not her fault. She didn’t break any vows. She didn’t ask him to slaughter his family; she only asked him to divorce his wife for her. I’m sure she’s not mourning the loss of her high school best friend. She was fucking her husband so I can’t imagine she’s all that broken up about her death. But not to worry. The cheating whore found Jesus after the murders so everything is right with the world.

His parents blame everyone except their murderous son. Talk about enabling and delusional. That accurately describes these two nincompoops. Both parents are “devout Christians”; his father is a pastor. According to them his deceased wife was “worldly” with her short shorts and a tattoo on her leg. They got married quickly and the parents later found out it was because Sheri was pregnant. Chris did an assessment for work and he listed his weaknesses as being moody, withdrawn, and unaffectionate. This was an assessment he filled out. His parents completely disagree with it. “Oh, that’s all Sheri telling him those things.” Yes, blame the dead woman. It couldn’t possibly be your precious son. Chris and Tara had promise rings they wore when they were together. Tara wore hers to court when she was called to testify. His parents couldn’t believe she wore it and are convinced she was the one that bought them completely against their son’s wishes. His father thinks perhaps a mercenary killed his grandsons, hired by an enemy of Joyce’s. In court there were pictures of their son with his mistress. Text messages read. Pictures described because they were explicit- naked pictures of him, naked pictures of her. A video of their son masturbating for Tara, telling her how wonderful she was and how he wouldn’t do this for just anybody. But the thing that made them leave the courtroom? The video of their son’s interrogation. That they couldn’t handle. Pictures of their dead grandsons, graffiti spray painted on the sheet covering one of them didn’t seem to phase them, but their son being grilled for their murders was too much.

These so-called Christian parents remind me so much of Pastor Fake and Tammy Faye. They don’t care what happens to their grandchildren so long as Cousinfucker is happy. Nothing is ever his fault; I’m sure it’s all mine.

I suppose I should be thankful that Cousinfucker hasn’t killed me and the kids yet. Then again, he walked out the door without a second glance back so in his mind we simply don’t exist.

Anyway, Chris Coleman, you’re a despicable shell of a human being. And Tara Lintz, you are no better. He slaughtered his family for you. Was it worth it?

Oh, Tammy Faye…

I found out this morning that Pastor Fake tagged my daughter in her father’s pathetic Thanksgiving message post. She in turn showed her brother. Neither were impressed. Neither replied. I have to admit sometimes I wish one of them would.

Then I find out that good ol’ Tammy Faye wrote her own Thanksgiving missive. She misses her and she wishes she could see them.

Oh, Tammy Faye, you chose your son and the whore and her kids months ago. Nay, over a year ago! You encouraged that dick sucking slut to call him in the hopes of rekindling their affair. You blew your grandchildren’s lives apart. And now you’re bemoaning the fact that you don’t see them? You are such a stupid bitch.

Did it never occur to you that you saw your grandchildren because I went the extra mile in making sure you saw them? Did you forget all the times I drove cross country to bring them to you while your son stayed at home? Or the times I would drive another 6 hours after driving to my own mother’s house because you couldn’t be bothered to meet halfway or come on up to see them? Your son chose the whore over you seeing your grandkids last summer when he refused to take either of them with him when he went to his cousin’s funeral. Your son can’t be bothered to come pick them up and take them to see you. Frankly, neither of them want anything to do with him or with you or anyone in your fucked up family. You are all liars. You are the reason people turn away from Christianity. You clutch your pearls at the thought of a woman having an abortion or someone saying, “Fuck!”, or people drinking but you have no problem with either of your kids cheating on their spouses. In fact, you welcome the interlopers with open arms. In my case you never stopped communicating with her even when he supposedly wanted his wife and kids. Pastor Fake liked the whore’s FB status where she bemoaned missing her married lover in her bed. Hey, what would Jesus do?

Do you honestly think I’m going to drive down and bring the kids to you? Look you crazy bitch, you used up every favor when you stuck your nose in my life and helped destroy it. If you want to see your grandkids your son needs to step up his game and come get them. Of course, in order for them to agree to get in the car they would have to talk to him and that would require effort on his part which won’t ever happen. It would also be very difficult for him to keep the whore and her kids away from them seeing as how he lives with the cunt. I’m not really sure how you think your holiday with them would go seeing as how they both refuse to be around Harley the Whore or her kids; I have a feeling you would be crying even harder if she and her kids weren’t sitting around your dinner table as well. And the reality is neither of those kids believe a single word that you, Pastor Fake, Jezebel, or their father has to say. You’ve all burned that bridge with your own actions. Stop playing the damn victim. Own your behavior. And for the love of God please stop publicly declaring your fake love all over Facebook! There’s going to come a day when Cousinfucker and I are divorced and I will no longer have to watch my Ps and Qs. When that day comes I’m going to unleash on your ass and tell you exactly what I think of you and your pathetic declarations. I know you prefer to carry your Bible as opposed to actually reading it but even Jesus finally got fed up and let his righteous anger fly.