One Last Round Of 2020 Memes

Oh sweet Mother of Pearl, as Mr. Krabs would say. I sincerely hope these are the last 2020 memes. I can’t make any promises. There may be more heading your way, but right now, this is all I’ve got.

Yes, I know. This one is a little late. I meant to publish it in October but I didn’t.
Probably would have been better in November but it is what it is.
Another October meme.

People Of Twitter

Oh, kids these days!
I feel ya, sweetie. It is terribly unfair.
That’s right; I’m talking to you, Mom!
I don’t know why, but this one had me laughing forever.
This reminds me of the time Picasso told me he was going to sell our Kirby vacuum cleaner when we died- because those were expensive and he could get a lot of money for it.
This is very true for me. I drive almost everywhere. My lovely friend, S, back out in Utah is like, “Anything over 6 hours I need to fly.” After driving back to Indiana from Utah I’m like, “Anything less than 12 hours is child’s play!”

Did You Miss Meme?

The Mobster keeps asking when I’m going to post those memes. I know; I promised them to you a while ago. Today is the day I follow through.



I’m a horrible person because I laughed so hard at this one.



Good God!  True story. Milo is worse than a toddler.

“I’m just grabbing my computer out of the living room!”

“It’s okay. I wanna come along. I want to make sure you come back. And if you do leave we can go together!”

I do enjoy seeing his fuzzy little head in the window every afternoon when I get home from work though.


I need to know where to get this candle.


Yep. That about sums up 2020.


I’m a little late with this one seeing as how we’re already almost done with August. (Oops, now you know how long ago I started this! We’re now into September.) But it’s always good to keep track of your bingo card.


Now that’s funny.


You know it!





I can see myself doing something like this.




Obviously still a little behind….


See, this is why I try not to celebrate New Year’s Eve. It’s never as good as you think it’s going to be. Lower your expectations!


It’s not going to matter. All the “experts” are saying this crap won’t be done in 2021 either. Go to bed. Sleep in. Better yet, opt for a medical coma and just don’t wake up until sometime around 2023.






Just a little public service announcement. Gentlemen, the same applies to any woman you’re trying to change.


Yep. Real tired of it.


This one kind of reminds me of the time just recently that my mom told my brother I was out running and his response was, “Why? Is someone chasing her?”