Guess What Today Is?

Today marks the 3 year anti-versary of me finding out about CF and Harley. I was walking into a grocery store preparing for my daughter’s birthday party when I happened to open a message from The Saint.

Did you get a good lawyer yet?  I told you so!

Awesome! My stepdad had just died so my mom was a mess. I’m trying to pull off a birthday party for the first time in about 3 years for Rock Star. I’ve spent the whole summer trying to “win” my husband back. I had thought everything was over between them no later than June, even thought I was definitely all clear in July when she didn’t like his picture on FB. Now here I was dealing with a million different things and I’m being told I’m potentially heading for divorce.  Oh no, The Saint; that wouldn’t happen for another two years.  He had to move us halfway across the country first. He had to take us away from our friends and our lives. Had to buy a new house, buy all brand new furniture, buy a new car, and then put in a pool before he could make that final break.

Happy Anniversary, Cousinfucker! Too bad I didn’t toss you out on your ass three years ago.

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