Hooray For Me

I swear, this house is falling down around me!  I get back home from shopping for a gift for one of Rock Star’s friends and the doorknob to the garage is hanging off on one side and completely off on the other side!  What the hell?  Do you think I’m not going to have a doorknob leading out to the garage?  Oh hell no!  I grab my trusty little screwdriver (okay, I had to look around for one) and go to work.

It took several attempts and I was getting extremely frustrated because it wasn’t as simple as screwing the screws back in.  Oh no!  You had to blindly line them up and then hope that you were actually hitting the hole and not just pushing them into empty space.  Because then they would fall out once again.  Finally I hit my mark.  Got those suckers screwed in properly and my doorknob is once again firmly attached and working like it should.

Screw you, Cousinfucker!  Your presence is not needed; I’ve got this!

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