A statistic that men’s rights groups like to hustle out is this: Women file for divorce 70% of the time.  I say:  So what?  That percentage says nothing about *why* the woman is filing for divorce. Isn’t that the whole point of cake eating?  They want their wife and their girlfriend, too.  It’s a little hard to have that when you, the cheater, file for divorce from your wife.  Divorce is hard.  It’s yucky.  And it takes away from that awesome little fantasy the cheater has going on his head.  Divorce is reality and most cheaters don’t do reality well.

I filed for divorce.  Because my husband was fucking his cousin!  He had also cashed in the last bit of stock he had and wired it to a secret account, I found out he had been giving thousands of dollars to Harley, and bought her and her daughter new iPhones and was paying the cell service bill. He was also interviewing for a job out of state that weekend before I filed.  I didn’t feel like I really had a choice.  I’m not really sure what his plans were.  Maybe he figured he could keep pulling the wool over my eyes and get all of his ducks lined up.  Perhaps he was waiting until I paid off the pool so I would be completely at his mercy.  It’s possible he was going to act like everything was fine, keep lying to me about where he was going every or every other weekend, and then walk out the door once he had another job.  I wasn’t willing to stick around and find out.  I needed to protect myself and my kids.

I knew of a woman on another Internet forum who filed for divorce from her husband.  He’d had a child with his mistress and she had waited almost four years for him to file. She says to this day, probably ten years later, that she believes they would still be married if she hadn’t initiated the divorce.  He was perfectly content remaining married to her while he spent time with the OW and their shared child.

I’m NOT saying that women can’t be just as manipulative and duplicitous as men when it comes to affairs.  Hell, I’ve known Jezebel for over twenty years.  I have living proof right in front of my eyes!  But looking at who filed for divorce first really tells you nothing.

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