I Think He’s Bugged My House

I kid! But seriously…

Hang onto your hats, folks, because you are NEVER going to believe what I got in the mail today. Another check! Holy crap on a cracker. It was labeled as support for February and it was for … wait for it… $3600. My mouth about dropped open. I was fully expecting to see his bullshit $1500, although I was confused as to why it would come early. He prefers to pay me after the due date.

I think he might have heard me raging and threatening to take his pathetic ass to court if he didn’t cough up my damn money. Or he saw me working that chainsaw and that scared him. But that would require visual surveillance, as well as audio. No, more than likely he’s finally thinking about how he’s going to look going in a courtroom, trying to explain to a judge why it is that he once again is not paying any support.

I do wonder where the money is coming from. He was only supposed to be able to access enough to pay 8 months worth of back support, and he’s only been working for 2 weeks now. If this company operates the way most of the others do he gets paid on the 15th and the last day of the month so where did he come up with this additional money? Hmmm….

Anyway, this news comes on the heels of finding out that my back support has cleared and is officially in my bank account AND my tax return has come in. Hooray! I am in a considerably better mood. Plus, as I said earlier I only work 4 days at Target this week! And 3 next week!

Sadly, I now have more money in my bank account than I am going to make all year, probably even with working two jobs. Oh well! I’ll take it while I can.

One thought on “I Think He’s Bugged My House

  1. I’ve been unsuccessful for days trying to comment on WordPress. Phone freezes, deletes. WHOLLY INCONVENIENT, so I’ll make this quick and say: “Ojo al Pillo”. (Cuban saying: keep your eye on the evil man). This is all to cover his ass. To soften your stance with him would be a bonus. I’m glad you know who you’re dealing with and there’s no hope for the bastardo.
    So damn happy this has given you leeway and momentary respite. Save save save so you can be on your way to having your own place and fill it with things you love, to create your own little Paradise❤️. Oh Sam, I’m so damn happy for your sudden reversal of economic woesXOXO

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