I Think Therefore I Am


You know, sometimes I can’t believe he has turned out to be such a turd.  Such a worthless, cowardly turd.  I never would have expected him to cheat in a million years.  Even with what he did two years ago.  Despite the fact that I was shell shocked that he had even had a texting/sexting relationship with someone else.  I found that hard to believe, and yet he did it.  It supposedly never got physical.  I guess I believed he got caught up in some kind of fairy tale romance but stopped it before there was any actual sex.  Reality is it simply wasn’t convenient.  Only morons choose mistresses that live over a thousand miles away.  It really does make it more difficult to meet up when you have to buy a plane ticket in order to go fuck your whore.  Then again only those who are really really REALLY stupid agree to move closer to the so called “former” mistress.  Yes, I certainly made it much more convenient for him this time around.  Now he can work all week and live in our house, and then pack his bag and take off to her house each and every weekend (save two, if we’re going to be accurate).

He graduated from, let’s call it East Dull, where they pound honor and duty into their heads.  His mom and sister both thought no woman would ever want him and were so happy that he found someone.  I was regaled with tales of how he read encyclopedias on the weekends instead of going out, how socially awkward he was.  He himself said he didn’t take hints very well and that he didn’t do well in social situations.  Our own daughter used to tell me often, “Mom, if you ever leave Dad he’s going to be alone for the rest of his life.”  His mom told me once that when he first got out of the army he didn’t know if they were going to honor his non-active duty status and he might have to pay back all of his tuition for East Dull.  He was crying and telling her he would never be able to get married and have a family.  His mom also told me he had once told her that if he found a wife who would just have his dinner ready for him every night he’d give her the world.  Lies!

I thought I chose a good one.  I thought wrong.

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