The Dream Job Starts To Become a Nightmare

September 2014

I can’t feel too sorry for him because he wanted this but I’m left once again just shaking my head at what is my life. I know he says he wanted this job to feel better about himself, to feel excited about work again. But, I also know they planned on him moving closer so they could be closer. Makes it much more convenient to meet up and fuck when you can lie and say you’re visiting your family when in reality you are driving to meet up with your whore. No airplane ticket needed. I digress.

He is disgruntled, dismayed, distraught. Feeling sorry for himself. I understand. His boss wants them running seven days a week. Zack is pissed.

So, to sum up, Zack is unhappy, I’m unhappy, our son is unhappy, and while our daughter seems to be very happy, we’ve wasted around $25,000 these last 3 years on gymnastics. I’m putting it all on my husband and his dear whore. I probably should hold him more responsible. Afterall, he just had to have this plant. But I figure with her sending him naked pictures and telling him how she’d suck his dick all the time once he was closer he was easily persuaded to let all the powers that be know he wanted it. Wow- his dream job and his dream whore, all tied up in a neat little bow. Only it’s not his dream job and he supposedly dumped his dream whore long before an offer was made. I would love to see her in this position- her Romeo a mess, her kids unhappy. I do wonder how she would handle it. Not exactly what you were expecting and fantasizing about, huh, Harley? As I always like to remind you, you got all the good and never experienced any of the bad.

Present Day Sam Says: <<< Makes it much more convenient to meet up and fuck when you can lie and say you’re visiting your family when in reality you are driving to meet up with your whore. No airplane ticket needed. >>> Did I nail it or what? That is exactly the excuse Cousinfucker used!

My brother tells me I was being a supportive wife, that I did whatever it took to make that jackass happy, so I shouldn’t blame myself. Yet… every time I look back I think to myself, “How could you have been so stupid?” I knew his original plan was to move us all closer to her. I knew he began making noise about taking over the Whoreville plant when he was involved with Harley. I was just so convinced that we were back on track and that he really had chosen me. I thought I had won the so-called pick me dance and that he rejected Harley. I was full of hubris and my children and I have paid a steep price for that.

6 thoughts on “The Dream Job Starts To Become a Nightmare

  1. do not beat yourself up over this – you were exhibiting normal appropriate behavior HE was being a deceitful douchecanoe – you are supposed to be able to trust your spouse and normal people don’t lie like this – the fault lies with him for misleading you


    1. On one hand I know that. I operated in good faith. He was the fuck up. On the other hand, I KNEW what their plan had been. I KNEW that moving would mean moving closer to her. I did it anyway. I took everything my kids loved away from them in order to appease him and then he turned around and cheated again. Definitely should have seen it coming.


      1. you were trying to keep your family together and HE was lying and manipulating you – if he had been honest and upfront with you then you wouldn’t have moved – I still don’t understand it tho – I mean why did he do that why not just leave you then with the house you had? that part of it still doesn’t make sense to me either – I know chumplady says don’t try to understand the skein of fuckedupness lol but it does puzzle me


      2. When I’m being generous I give him the benefit of the doubt and try to believe that when we moved he wasn’t still involved with her. I tell myself that everything changed when Blockhead found my alternate FB page and told him all about it, pushing him off the cliff into a mental breakdown where he was helped along by Tammy Faye, Harley, and Jezebel.

        It doesn’t matter anymore. Even if that’s the way it happened he made horrible choices.

        Maybe he figured it wouldn’t play out this way. Maybe he thought his kids would be okay with it. That somehow I would scrape by and take care of everything like I always did.

        I think Chump Lady is correct and we shouldn’t bother trying to figure it out.


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