A Bit Of This & A Bit Of That

October 2014

I spent the day in Whore Town, home of the whore. Not *the* Whore Town but close enough. I didn’t catch on fire and nothing horrible happened. Nice mall. I’ll probably go back.

October 2014

Spying is much more difficult now that everyone is aware you can change your settings so you’re no longer public. So, it’s difficult to know how much interaction the whore has with Cousinfucker’s family. She doesn’t seem to be as all over them as she has been. But, under this identity I’m not friends with any of them (to be fair, I’m not friends with many of them under my real identity) and I’m not friends with their friends. And the whore blocked my daughter so I can’t use her page either. Why can’t you just run an ad asking for a skilled computer hacker? Maybe I could hire a P.I. just to see what the little cunt is up to these days. Truth be told I’d much rather spend the money on furniture, a pool, and vacations. I still think it would be fun.

October 2014

Yoo hoo! All you people who were so worried about me frivolously spending my husband’s money. I just spent nearly a grand today on a desk and a coffee table. Choke on that, bitches! Oh, by the way, he loves it!

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