When The Mistresses Call the Wives Entitled

February 2015

I was reading a blog the other day. It was taking about other blogs written by mistresses. There were comments about how they all sound alike and they talk of the wives being lazy, spoiled, willing to turn a blind eye for status and security, and acting entitled to their husband’s money. I thought about that and this is what I have to say.

Sweetie, I’m not acting entitled. I AM entitled. I’m his wife. All that I am I give to you, and all that I have I share with you. Those were the vows we made. He married me 20 years ago in a church, in front of God and our friends and families. I’m not some side piece he screws and keeps hidden. Everyone in his life knows about me. How many know about you? I’m the mother of his children. I was with him in the beginning when he was making almost 7 times less than what he makes now. I’ve been with him through all the moves, through all the anxiety, all the hard times. Your only job was to promise him sex and take care of his libido. You could sit there and listen and stroke his ego because he was your only concern. You didn’t have to concern yourself with raising those pesky children that refused to take care of themselves. No, I was busy doing that. Just like I was busy doing his laundry, cooking his dinner, cleaning the house, grocery shopping, etc. I am the MRS. and you are the MISTAKE.

6 thoughts on “When The Mistresses Call the Wives Entitled

  1. I love the last line.

    My husband’s mistress was different than the regulars. She never bad-mouthed me. She even went on to call me very intelligent and referred to me as “Mam”, when she had to.

    The problem? She never mentioned me. I was a nobody. She would not take up any conversation that involved discussing me.


      1. The truth is that I have been having a time digesting the way she approached me, as a relationship to her fuckbuddy. Yes, she ignored me, talked good things when forced to say anything, and told her fuckbuddy (aka my husband) that I would never leave him. Yet, when their fights got bad, she would call herself a slut, and credit him for ruining his life. My husband still carries the guilt for ruining her life!


  2. I’ve said it before, but the m/cow treated my husband’s penis like it was an ATM. It is not. And what money there is is half mine. As a married woman with 4 kids, she should know this. As a serial cheater who has never achieved financial nirvana via blow jobs, you’d think she would try a different approach to climbing into a new tax bracket. But at 50, the most consistent aspect of her professional life has been that she will fuck anyone if she sees it as a beneficial transaction. It’s not cute. She clearly isn’t good at divorce math, odd since she’s been divorced before.

    Due to tax reasons, everything is in my name. I could run away today with all of it. He of course wanted her to think she was fucking a super rich guy. It brings out the enthusiasm in cheap women. So while she and I were both screwing the same man at the same time, she was screwing a carefully curated rich guy and I was screwing a poor guy with a sad ego.

    And man, she thought she was entitled to what I had spent over 20 years building with him. Because if she was going to run off with the owner/boss, she’d always have access to that share of the company, and together they would build an empire. It’s so ridiculous and highlights perfectly how crazy unintelligent she was/is.

    My wh is an education snob. He has a chip on his shoulder about where people have gone to school. Had mow been in the world he coveted, he very well could have left to continue the charade. But she was an education embarrassment to him, she just didn’t know it. He was terrified people would find out. My teenagers burst out laughing when they knew who it was after dday. They named all these super successful women we knew as the possible ow and when I named her they were shocked. Because she’s a total loser.

    Maybe when you’re such a loser, the only way to attain greatness is to grab it out from under someone else. And then gloat about how you deserve it all.

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    1. She treated my husband’s penis like an ATM<<<< That is hysterical, Lemondrop. I'm sorry; I'm sure it's painful but the image….

      You are so correct though. You would think the skank would have learned by now.


      1. It is funny. It’s been over with them for almost 4 years, I’m 2 yrs out from knowing. It’s funny because like all affair logic, it makes no sense in the light of day. When you take the lid off the garbage can and the sun shines in there, there’s no unicorn shit and sparkles, just scurrying cockroaches. Nothing sexy or alluring at all.


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