My Love Hate Relationship With Texting

Time for Thursday’s Blast From the Past!

January 2014

I still have a love hate relationship with texting him constantly. I do it. Not constantly, but I do update him. I get it. I really do. It’s a way to stay in contact. It’s a way to share our day. He feels closer to me knowing what all I’m doing. I’m sure it’s good for our marriage in many ways. But it’s also the way they communicated. It was their thing- constant texting, her letting him know every thought that went on in her vapid head, telling him every move she made no matter how mundane or ridiculous, and him lapping it up. Some days I don’t text much and I feel a brief moment of victory. Ha! You can’t turn me into her. I’m me. I’m a separate person. But then I start to wonder if he’s going to miss her, search her out. And I text again. Love hate relationship, I tell ya.

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